Netflix is going from strength to strength in recent years, and as a result, its online streaming library is growing. It’s likely that if you’re viewing an article like this, you already have a Netflix subscription, and want to know exactly how to squeeze the most out of it.


The Netflix algorithm for suggesting films and television shows is great, but if you’re feeling truly out of character, watching a category of video entertainment might take a little bit more digging. This article exists to help you out of that. You might primarily have used your Netflix subscription to watch war documentaries, but now you’re looking for a lighter touch and feel like having your funny bone tickled.

Luckily, these following comedies (Netflix Original and otherwise,) are all there to help you explore your subscription to the best of its ability. This list includes both television shows and movies — and should appeal to men and women in kind.

The Nice Guys

The Nice Guys, starring Ryan Gosling and Russell Crowe, is a throwback to the time of silly 70s buddy cop dramas. Written by Shane Black, the gentleman responsible for writing Lethal Weapon 1 and 2, the film is a comedy caper that arguably sits at the top of the list of Netflix’s comedy section. The film is a hilarious romp through a pretty gruesome missing pornstar case, and shows the dark underbelly of Hollywood while simultaneously making light of it. The film is sharp, the dialogue is tight, and the slapstick action is bountiful.

Step Brothers

The famous film featuring Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly is now here for all to see. If you’ve missed it, give it a chance immediately. This film is one of the best examples of silly US humour that there currently is. Both lead actors play step-brothers, men in their 40s who act like children and are happy within their comfort zones living at home.

When their parents fall in love and force them to act like a responsible duo, they must rely on each other to make sense of their new living duties, and drive their parents mad while they do so.

New Girl

Starring the famous and enchanting Zooey Deschanel, New Girl has graced our screens for four seasons, and there’s about to be a fourth. Teased images from the new season have diehard fans thinking: Wedding photos from New Girl? Finally! — is the resource where you can find more in regards to the leaks.

New Girl starts simple enough, Zoey moves in with a group of middle-aged gentlemen, and they all must make their best efforts to figure out what it means to grow older when your life hasn’t panned out exactly the way you first intended it to. New Girl is one of the most highly popular Netflix comedy series, so you’d be daft to give it a miss. Why not get started on the first four seasons today? The episodes are broken down into 30-minute slots, meaning that the dense hour-long content of many Netflix dramas is provided here in a much more digestible format.

Arrested Development

Arguably one of the best new family-comedy series, Arrested Development features the likes of Jason Bateman and David Cross, and depicts a family who runs a home improvement and real estate construction firm. Their characters are all completely flawed, and this makes for some hilarious social faux pas action, not to mention the often awkward, sometimes unbearable, mainly hilarious interaction between the family members.

Arrested Development is famed for being the place in which stars like Michael Cera and Will Arnett were formed, so it’s worth going back, watching the original series and seeing just how these actors increased in their comedic timing and ability thanks to this show.

It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia

It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia has a small cult following, but those who love it love it immensely. Arguably featuring darker humour than many entries on this list, and featuring the likes of Charlie Day and world-famous Danny DeVito — It’s Always Sunny routinely tests the boundaries for how far a television comedy can go.

Instead of focusing on an awkward social setup or a lovable-but-not-really family, It’s Always Sunny’s cast, who are primarily bar owners, are genuinely and objectively terrible people, to the point where they have no redeeming features at all. This provides them with the freedom to make crass jokes that cross the line often, but never stop the show from staying funny. Check out this show if you’re feeling adventurous.

This list will provide many hours of content, and many chuckles along with it. Enjoy!