Shout Out UK are about to begin production on their next short film: a mockumentary-drama on homelessness.


Homelessness is one of the most significant issues facing modern Britain. Indeed, according to recent statistics there are more than 6,000 people living on the streets of London alone.

Moreover, homeless people are often thought of as being lazy, criminal or drug addicts — but this just ISN’T the case. And that’s what this new film aims to challenge!

The Director tells the story of a young filmmaker’s desperate attempts to make a ‘serious’ documentary on homelessness. However, things rapidly spiral out of control in this powerful comedy with a social heart and important moral message.

Written and directed by Patrick Ireland, a graduate from the London Film School, and produced by Matteo Bergamini; the film will be the duo’s third cinematic collaboration after the success of previous projects, Anonymous: A Million Men (2015) and One in a Million (2016).

Their latest short film, One in a Million, has enjoyed a successful run on the UK/European festival circuit: securing selections at the Cannes Short Film Corner, the Southend-on-Sea Film Festival and the New Renaissance Film Festival. It was also nominated for multiple awards, including Best Director of a Short Film, at the 2017 International Filmmaker Festival Nice.

Once finished, the film will be made available via Shout Out UK’s new subscription service which launches in September 2017.

The subscription service aims to provide schools and their students with the tools necessary to engage in politics. Spearheaded by Shout Out UK’s successful Political Literacy Course — and supplemented by a host of different infographics, videos, articles, workshops and events — it will truly be a one-stop-shop for political learning and enrichment.

Patrick Ireland, the film’s writer-director, said:

‘Here at Shout Out UK we always make films which touch upon political or social issues. In the case of The Director, we wanted to explore the issue of homelessness in an entertaining, satirical and somewhat subversive way.

‘Rather than making a serious documentary film though — something that has been done to death — Matteo and myself wanted to be a little more creative in our approach to dealing with such an important subject matter’.

Matteo Bergamini, producer, said:

‘Politics can come in many forms, we want to show issues and gritty topics in a different, entertaining and sometimes unconventional way. Depicting via film the way we perceive homelessness, our prejudice towards it, is powerful and shows a side to our society we tend to want to ignore’.

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