Weekly Briefing: Palmyra, the problem with masculinity and much more

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28th July 2017

This week’s top headlines

The real reason why IS was able to destroy historic Palmyra

The Syrian civil war, now in its sixth year, has not only claimed thousands of human lives, but also reduced architectural treasures to ruins.The questions asked when reflecting on human loss — who/what killed them, and why — are also raised when we look at the fate of inanimate casualties of war, namely: Palmyra, who destroyed a vast area of it, and why?

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Don’t Be Lost In Translation: 5 Tips For Reading Foreign Literature

1. Read something of interest

2. Don’t be overwhelmed

3. Lists

4. Use whole text translations wisely

5. Read little and often

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What The US History Books Don’t Want You To Know About Female Voting Rights

The struggle for equality with women of colour goes together with the struggle for equality between races. These women were not only fighting for equal rights as men, but to be recognised as equals amongst fellow human beings, regardless of their skin tone.

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Quote of the Day

‘We cannot forever hide the truth about ourselves, from ourselves’ — John McCain


On this Day … in 1914

Austria-Hungary decides against mediation and declares war on Serbia. This is a result of Serbia not agreeing to an ultimatum  sent to them after the killing of Archduke Franz Ferdinand.


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@Shoutout_UK : Your  cup of coffee and this video. Meeting Anonymous and the Million Mask March Organisers


From Our Correspondent … Patrick William

@PatrickWIrealnd : Great First Day of shooting in Newham for our new film The Director. A film looking at the negative perceptions of homelessness #indyfilm


Read of the week …. by Leon Rowan


Be A Man! How Masculinity Makes Monsters Out Of Boys

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