With the recent success of the Labour far-left, it is imperative that young Remainers stay faithful to pro-European centrists like Ms Soubry. She may be the only hope they have left.


Anna Soubry, MP for Broxtowe, has been a vocal critic of the referendum from day one. It has been since the vote, however, where her rogue approach to Tory foreign policy has flourished.


‘I’ll never forgive Boris for what he did!’

From verbally slandering Boris Johnson’s involvement in the Leave campaign, to dismantling the May government in Parliament over their obsession with the ‘no deal’ concept, Soubry has stayed faithful to her own politics. She has not, like others, been swept away by the tide of complacency in her own party.

In the government, Brexiteers like David Davis may be shrugging off Soubry’s criticisms, but it is important that young Remainers do not do the same. She may be one of the only MPs actually keeping pro-Euro feeling alive.

A government in waiting …

New Labour is dead. Gone is the Labour of integration, of international liberalism and of admiration for the EU. Cemented firmly at the reigns of the party now is Jeremy Corbyn. A man never truly behind the Remain camp.

Now, the sad thing to witness is the success of Corbyn’s socialist brainwashing — making young Remainers think that Brexit may not be such a bad thing. It is what Corbyn has wanted since the 70s, and it is what he truly wanted in 2016. Now, his mandate allows him to follow that, meaning pro-European enthusiasm among young people will begin to dwindle.

The return of old friends

Away from Labour, an old believer in the EU has returned to frontline politics. Sir Vince Cable, the 74-year-old veteran MP has been elected as leader of the Lib Dems without challenge.

His stance on Brexit is similar to Tim Farron‘s, his predecessor. Dangerously however, while they align on this, they also share a common predicament. Farron was unable to appeal to young voters due to his perspective on social matters, and Cable may continue this struggle, especially by the next election at the grand age of 79.

While Cable should be wished luck in his task, young Remainers probably shouldn’t hold their breath for any significant progress.

The ruling hand

Within the Conservatives, pro-European feeling is perhaps still most vocal. But while backbenchers like Nicky Morgan and former-Chancellor Ken Clarke remain on the side of the EU, they are far less vocal on the issue than Ms Soubry.

In the wake of the Brexit vote, and the ‘shock’ result of June 2017, Soubry seemed to be the only Tory MP speaking sense. She berated Mrs May, saying:

‘This slogan, no deal is better than a bad deal is a nonsense, it’s always been a nonsense and the British people know it and that’s why they voted as they did on June 8’.

Clearly, her input has been ignored by ideological frontbenchers like Davis, who seems determined to continue his deconstructive, Britain-first rhetoric.

 The voice of Remain continues

As a young Remainer, it would be easy to feel bewildered watching any recent debate in Parliament or PMQs. Neither leader of the two main parties is defending the EU anymore on grounds of democratic responsibility. What is worse, is that many young people who backed Remain aren’t even realising this because they are so distracted by the populist barking from the Corbyn camp.

Ms Soubry has stayed faithful to the European cause. Her stance is perhaps best summed up in her own words:

‘I warned friends on this side of the House, of the dangers of ignoring the 48 per cent and young people in particular, and I used that expression. Many young people who voted Remain believe an older generation have stolen their future, and the result is there on June 8’.

Criticism is consistently heaped on Ms Soubry from both the left and right. It is imperative, however, that young Remainers give her more support. She is perhaps one of the only true voices defending them in Parliament, and it is time to realise that, regardless of party politics.


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