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11th August 2017

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Weekly Briefing: Why feminism is back on track, our dubious 'British values' and more

Online Political Literacy Course To Be Released in September 2017!

Shout Out UK have unveiled TV star Aaron Roach Bridgeman in his new digital avatar as the lead tutor for their online Political Literacy Course.

The online edition of the course will be made available to the public via Shout Out UK’s website on Friday the 8th of September (International Literacy Day), for as little as £19.99.

The course covers an Introduction to British Politics (local and national, separation of powers, voting and debating), International Relations (Britain and the world, media literacy, political theory) and Employability & Politics (oratory skills, debating and public speaking).

Essentially, giving people the basics to begin navigating the murky, multi-faceted world of British politics and beyond.

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Weekly Briefing: Why feminism is back on track, our dubious 'British values' and more

US: Women of colour worse off in terms of wages compared to ’70s

This wage disparity proves that the wage gap is still a very significant problem that we should be battling. More importantly, we should not only be trying to reduce the wage gap between men and women but also between white women and women of colour. Clearly, there is still progress to be made and if it doesn’t then the situation is only likely to get worse.

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Weekly Briefing: Why feminism is back on track, our dubious 'British values' and more

Why We Should All Be Worried About The Government’s ‘British Values’

They can call it ‘military ethos’ and dress it up how they like but essentially, what this ‘Cadet Expansion Programme’ is doing is teaching children how to shoot and to me this is alarming. It will likely exacerbate the problem of gun crime as well as normalising violence, and this far outweighs any benefits the scheme might bring, such as teaching children how to ‘handle danger’ and ‘be more self-reliant.’

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Quote of the Day

Have a look ate the similarity between these two statements …

‘fire and fury like the world has never seen before’ — Trump

‘if they do not now accept our terms they may expect a rain of ruin from the air, the like of which has never been seen on this earth’ – Truman on use of atomic bomb on Japan in August 1945


On this day in … 1988

1988 Al-Qaeda formed at a meeting between Osama bin Laden, Zawahiri and Dr Fadl in Peshawar, Pakistan

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@Shoutout_UK : 4th Day of shooting #TheDirector and we are in #Ealing today! #indiefilm #filming #London2017

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That’s a wrap on #TheDirector — a new short film by @Shoutout_UK. Can’t wait to get it into post. #filmmaker #supportindiefilm #homelessness

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Weekly Briefing: Why feminism is back on track, our dubious 'British values' and more

Why are we so scared of the ‘F word’?

Furthermore, austerity cuts under the Conservative government have put a burden on the working class, especially young women and single parents. According to Shami Chakrabarti, a Labour peer, ‘austerity is a feminist issue’.

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