Will integration cause FYROM to sacrifice ‘Macedonia’?

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After decades of political isolation, FYROM’s integration into NATO asks for relations with Bulgaria and Greece to revolutionise. Historical discrepancies within this fragile triangle, oriented towards Macedonia’s national identity, are to modify together with the status quo in the region. As it has happened before, American intromission could be on its way to producing substantial changes inside one of Europe’s lasting conflicts.


After Macedonia’s and Bulgaria’s leaders recently shook hands in an extraordinary exercise of friendship, public opinion suddenly became interested once more in a forgotten conflict of the Balkan Peninsula.


Why is the Macedonian cultural identity such an explosive element for the region?

With its recent experience of struggling with geopolitical isolation and indifference from the West, the young nation is passing through its biggest political earthquake ever. Like Kosovo back in 1999, this time the U.S. appears to be the uninvited guest after which chaos follows. Zoran Zaev met Bulgaria’s Boiko Borissov in a context where pressure for FYROM (Macedonia) to join NATO and host American military bases gets higher every time. Behind this new ‘treaty of friendship’ though, there is an actual cold conflict hiding.

Before gaining its independence in 1992 after communist Yugoslavia’s dissolution, present-day FYROM had spent the entire twentieth century as a province of the Great Kingdom of Slavs (Serbs,Croats and Slovenes), renamed in 1945 as the Socialist Republic of Yugoslavia. Being a part of ‘Great Serbia’ has not been enough to protect Macedonia from Bulgarian invasions in the East, occurring during both world wars. The Slavic culture and heritage of the two nations offers many similarities between its peoples. In fact, historians generally agree that this may have served as the main reason for Bulgaria considering Macedonia as part of their own country.

It was only in 2012 when Sofia, Bulgaria’s capital, rejected the idea of Macedonia joining the EU based on the attacks and insults towards its culture. Yet contrary to what some Bulgarians or even Macedonians may think, the reality shows that young Macedonia has gained enough support in its great effort for independence and progress.

Some ex-Yugoslav states remain the last ones to be integrated into the Atlantic military family, mainly due to their relatively short time of experiencing peace. Following Albania and the incorporation of Montenegro, which caused a great headache for Russian officials, FYROM is next on Washington’s list. This time, the situation forces Sofia to accept NATO’s plans for their neighbours and consider Macedonians as solid allies for the first time in history.

However, Macedonia’s problem cannot be solved without the last element in the triangle: Macedonians’ dreams of inhabiting a country under the name of ‘Macedonia’ — something that seems to be thwarted by Greece. The position of the Hellenic state rejects any kind of political progress by FYROM until pretensions of becoming ‘Macedonia’ cease. After gaining independence, Greek refusal pushed Macedonia to proclaim FYROM (Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia) as its name, temporarily. However, it is Macedonia, a large northern region in Greece bordering FYROM, Bulgaria and Albania, that is the actual reason.

For Athens, another land trying to appropriate the name of Macedonia has been received as an unacceptable offence. Consequently, controversies have formed around Alexander the Great’s origins, claimed both by Greece and Macedonia. It is common among citizens to refer to Greece and Bulgaria’s neighbours as ‘Vardarska Macedonia’, ‘Slavic Macedonia’ or simply ‘Skopje’ (their capital city) rather than Macedonia. If Bulgaria needs to accept Macedonia’s empowered status, sacrifices are likely to be made on both sides of the border. It now looks more probable that Skopje will accept FYROM as their permanent name, in order to open Greek support.


Is this new context a real icebreaker or just another frustrated effort?

Between modern Macedonian borders, ethnic diversity has remained strong. Nearly 70 per cent comprises of ethnic Macedonians, 25 per cent Albanians, as well as the Turks, Serbs and a few Bulgarians and Greeks.

This young state, still developing and recovering from its turbulent past, shares an undeniable historic territory with Greece and Bulgaria: ‘Makedonija’. Efforts to divide this ancient, sunny and prosperous land have generated a triangle of borders which states have failed to manage in a cautious way.

While FYROM might be seen as necessary; a new country with new aspirations. Macedonia is still a cultural treasure and every other approach could, under ordinary circumstances, be seen as a defeat.

  • alexdifeo

    Monkeydonia is a good name for them

  • Make Donski

    And the best name for the land of the Turko-Albanian Greek Gypsies is the “Former Turko-Albanian Undemocratic Gypsy Republic Of Greece (HellAss)”. And youse can change your flag to the one below that suits the real Turko-Albanian Gypsy origin of your people and country. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/15057e11b2f1dcfcfc63bac1a4c259c8dd1f9d905a3344b849bec8f09b6861a7.jpg

    • Severity123

      Hahaha poor monkeydonian… Recent DNA tests have proven that Greeks are… Greek. And guess what, the lands have been Greek long before they were anything else.

      Now, that you’re just a bunch of Slavs, Bulgarians and Albanians is obvious and DNA supports this too. Your language just as much. How indoctrinated are you people to believe you’re the descendants of Alexander when your identity was created on purpose just 30 years ago?

      Hahaha jokers.

    • Μακεδονία πάντα Ελλάδα

      HAHAHAHA! Just another butthurt donkey. Just as Severity123 stated, DNA tests have proven that Greeks are descendants of the Hellenes (Ancient GREEKS). As for the Albanian population and other populations, they are just MINORITIES (please research the meaning of that word), they have no Ethnic connection to Greece. As for your region, the identity you have was given to you by Yugoslavs only to seperate the Yugoslav Province Vardarska Banovina from Bulgaria. There are many documents also proving that Yugoslavs kidnapped many Greek children and brainwashed them to believing this Skopjan Propaganda but all you Slavs have are just photos claiming they are dead “Ethnic Macedonians” when really these are photos of the Pontian (Greek) and Armenian Genocides in Turkey. You claim those are Greek Soldier uniforms worn by Soldiers who slaughtered those “Ethnic Macedonians” when those are really TURKISH Uniforms and those bodies are Pontians/Greeks and Armenians. You Skopjans are so uneducated that you cannot even learn about the different Uniforms used by Greeks and Turks and you all are a disgrace for using these photos for your lies and propaganda, massive shame!

    • Kloude Azursti

      You pull a remark on how you believe Greece is founded on two other completely irrelevant nationalities, when you yourself support the theft of a regional name and (sub) nationality for the purpose of instating a provincial government in a slowly crippling nation.

      Point is, to put it metaphorically, Yugoslavia goes and steals Greece’s homework to give to Skopje, his little brother, Skopje tries desperately to scribble Greece’s signature out with his own, but then realises why do so when he can just claim the signature “Macedonia” for himself?

      Following afterwards, with near 100% knowledge of the unrolling event, you still support it.

      I thought to myself this morning I wouldn’t have to argue with a terrorist-resembling Skopjan propagandist malaka, look where I am now

    • MacedonAlbanoi

      you as a fyrom Slav dont have anything to compare with Albanians in terms of being indigenous natives of Macedonia. Your fyrom Servian nation was allies and and brothers with gypsies against the Albanians in every major European conlict. Your fyrom Servian-Bulgar heritage comes from the Turkic bloodlines

    • Centurion X

      Don’t be A hypocrite! You also have Turks and were a former Turkish state! and 1/3 of your population is Albanian! So In effect you are describing yourself!

    • Haris Manou

      You re missing there is no Greek name dispute, only the circus you call a country of 1991 has this kind of problems.

  • Nikiti

    The only reason bulgaria claims that macedonians are bulgarian is becouse bulgaria has no real history of there own. Bulgaria was created by the Russians after the russian victory over the ottoman empire in 1878 which resulted in the treaty of san stefano, which temporarily encompassed all remaining slavs in the balkans in one state (i.e all Bulgarians, all remaining Serbs near Nis (in pirot and vrajne) and all macedonians), however the borders of this state was challenged by the great powers and was revised in the treaty of berlin which only included bulgaria in this new state. So in essence bulgaria did nothing to gain its own independence, it was giving to them thanks to russia. On the other hand macedonians had to fight for there indapendace, firstly by creating the internal macedonian revolutionary organization in the 1880s and later by organising the illinden uprising of 1903, bulgarians want to reimagine this part of macedonian history as bulgarian so they can treat there kids “see we did fight for our independence, it wasn’t just gifted to us”.
    Also macedonia is were the cyrillic alphabet was created (i.e. as used in russia, Ukraine, Belarus as well as macedonia serbia and bulgaria) so bulgarians also want to lay claim to that historical nugget too.

    • Haris Manou

      Inner Bulgarian problems

  • Nikiti

    Why is the sort scrip for ‘the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia’ FYROM? Shouldnt it be tfYRoM? Also why isn’t the ‘Hellinic Republic of Greece’ referred to as HROG?
    Or why isn’t the ‘Federal Republic of Germany’ referred to as FROG?

    • Cornet

      The only funny article you will read is “Albania invade and conquer Banana Yugoslavic republic of Monkeydonia” and the issue will be over 😉

  • Sing

    Greece’s problem was that it saw Skopje as a threat. The real threat are the billions of antihellenic bigots that ridiculously tried to ethnic engineer obvious Slavs into “macedonians’. Today most of them lack the integrity to admit they made a mistake. So why change names when so many Greek hating bigots act like they don’t notice their identity change into “ancient Macedonians’ and now blatently obvious irredentism against Greece?

    Everyone always says they would have stood up for the Jews during WW2 but that’s not what actually happened. What happened is bigots shamelessly looked the other way as fascists attempted to ethnic cleanse Jews. Apparently not much has changed in human nature since that time..

  • Haris Manou

    Fyro has no name , no past, and definatly no future.