So, not too long ago I wrote an article about the atrocities that Israel commits on a daily basis, in broad daylight, in front of the entire globe. If the globe were a playground, that country would essentially be the stereotypical teenage bad boy who pulls all the chicks and cares very little for rules or the comments of others. Hence, the country’s tendency to blow up small children, break the Geneva convention and squinny if they ever get near the brink of discipline. My point? If countries were people, a lot of them would be very jealous.


But, unfortunately, countries are not individuals. Instead, they are ruled by individuals — some of which are, potentially, of a slightly lacklustre nature — for example, Israel’s current Prime-Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu! Now, if we were honest with ourselves when thinking about his actions, Netanyahu would most probably be called a number of unpleasant names. After all, Israel, as I previously mentioned, has a tendency to go a little bit over-the-top with its military presence and doings in the surrounding regions — specifically, Palestine. (Or what is left of it, anyway.)

If you’d like further references on Netanyahu’s ever-so-naughty nature, and his inability to loosen his excessive arsenal, then do visit my aforementioned article.Oor better yet, utilise the extremely useful search engine, Google.

Today, I would like to talk about the current state of affairs surrounding Netanyahu in Israel

So, you are most probably wondering, ‘why?’, and understandably so … . After all, there are no upcoming elections in Israel, and thus, his position as prime minister is, theoretically, not in danger. But if you happen to pay attention to any Israeli news channels, blogs, articles, or anything linked to Netanyahu, you will most likely be aware of the fact that thousands of Israelites rushed to the streets last week to support their prime minister for no apparent reason.

Now, when I say ‘for no apparent reason’. That is applicable if you are a pro-Israel person, who is entirely oblivious to the atrocities that the country, under the leadership of Netanyahu, regularly commits. Or if you somehow see his military moves as an act of counter-terrorism — assuming that a goat farmer throwing a rock at a fully equipped, state-of-the-art, M60 ‘Patton’ main battle tank is clearly a danger to Israeli society.

For the aforementioned ‘thousands of Israelites’ the reason is in response to Netanyahu’s claims that ‘there is an obsessive witch hunt’ after himself and his family. The persecutor? None other than the Israeli justice system itself. Which is actually relatively surprising, given their apathy towards his misdeeds in the past! The reality for the rest of the world is, however, slightly different.

The Prime Minister, his wife and some of his closest advisors are facing several investigations. For what? Corruption. And why are thousands of Israelites rallying on the streets of Tel Aviv? Because the investigations progressed earlier this month when Netanyahu’s former chief of staff became a state witness; against him. Now, the people of Israel fear that their dear leader (enabler of mass slaughter and much illegal activity) will soon find his political career at an end and in tatters.

To us in the Western hemisphere of the globe, there is probably a lack of empathy or even understanding for why this would be such an issue. After all, domestic politics in Britain has already chewed up and spat out four prime ministers in my lifetime alone! But for Israelites — more specifically, members of the Likud Party, for which Netanyahu is the chairman — Israel depends on his survival in office. On the other side of the Israeli political spectrum, Netanyahu’s political opponents are of a similarly overdramatic mindset, thinking that the ousting of the Prime Minister will resolve all of Israel’s current problems.

I’m not quite sure which side is right, though we will definitely find out soon. But if it goes sour for Benjamin Netanyahu, perhaps we could say that the theory of karma has finally come round to knock on his front door.

On the bright side, 67 isn’t a bad age to retire!





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