Communication in the workplace is constantly evolving, with businesses incorporating a multitude of devices and software to stay up-to-date. Team collaboration tools allow instant communication and file sharing at the touch of your fingertips, with video conferencing allowing you to speak to clients across the globe in seconds with very little setup. Skype For Business is widely used across many industries and sectors, as it offers the best of both worlds in this regard, giving you the flexibility to work at a highly efficient level.


Viju bring you an insight into how Skype For Business can transform your workplace into a much more efficient and streamlined environment.

User Experience

Bringing in a new system can often cause several problems to pop up as you and your workforce attempt to adapt. You can’t expect your workforce to instantly pick up a new system, but you can try to help the situation by integrating a system that many people are familiar with.

Skype is easily one of the most recognisable communication and conferencing tools on the market today. With so many people being familiar with the Skype interface from the personal, free to use version it makes sense to look at Skype For Business as your go-to unified communications tool. Problems such as slow meeting setup times and the slowdown of general tasks are less likely to appear as most of your workforce will have prior knowledge of Skype.

The typical features of Skype are still there with Skype For Business, with the ability to instantly message with your co-workers and people within your network. The ability to instantly share files without leaving Skype For Business allows for much more efficiency in the workplace. Also, the team workspaces allow for greater communication between teams and departments, avoiding teams working in silos. Nothing affects your workforce more than teams not speaking to each other, as a business that’s not working together is a business that’s going to feel the negative effects down the road as projects get muddled and tasks go uncompleted.


With Skype For Business collaboration is at the next level, compared to the free-to-use Skype, which only allows for 25 people to conference call at one time. Skype For Business allows you to conference with up to 250 people at one time, giving you much more flexibility setting up meetings.

When you’re having a meeting with a potential client and several people from across the globe need to attend, the last thing you want when trying to bring in customers is to spend time setting up several meetings or even delaying them. When physical meetings just aren’t feasible for your company due to time or money then Skype For Business is an excellent option.

With a large amount of options available with Skype For Business, such as online or physical servers, you’d be hard-pressed to find an option that doesn’t fit your business. Some come with Office 365 installed on varying levels, allowing for greater collaboration within the workplace as you share excel or word files seamlessly around the office and within meeting space.