Roughly, over the last half decade, cigarette smoking stopped being the mark of rebellion and a signature of someone who lives by their own rules. With the development of the e-cigarette as a healthier alternative for those with a penchant for smoking, it was only a matter of time before traditional cigarettes lost their lustre as a fashion icon, in favour of this newer design.


Utilising a flavoured mixture known as an ‘e-liquid’, e-cigarettes emit flavoured vapour in place of smoke containing toxins, making for a less harmful experience for all those exposed to these by-products. The simplicity and effectiveness of this has seen the growth of ‘vaping’ across the world and as a result, e-cigarettes are most certainly ‘in season’.

The Smoke (or lack of)

As mentioned above, cigarette smoke is infamous not only for containing harmful chemicals, but also for being really difficult for non-smokers to be around. Irritating the throat to no small degree, such thick clouds have fuelled a massive divide between friends and even family members who object to the smoke, and those who do not.

Therefore, any alternative that is far less damaging to those nearby is very welcome as it does not disrupt events the way cigarettes usually do. With just some instantly dissipating vapour being produced, the attention of those in close proximity can be on you, and not on your unhealthy practises.

External Health

It’s pretty well known that smoking for a prolonged period of time not only damages your lungs, but the outside of your body as well. Your teeth, nails, hair and skin will all suffer from long-term exposure to such dangerous chemicals, whereas e-cigarettes are free from these additives. This has massively helped the new device’s popularity, especially with celebrities who spend a lot of time in the spotlight and who are now able to indulge their habit without a great cost to their appearance.

Looking Tech-Savvy

Due to restrictions on advertising cigarettes, the design and packaging of these products is greatly limited and by law has to focus on the health threat posed by the habit. E-cigarettes whilst limited in the way they can be promoted, require no such packaging and each device stands on its own merit.

Whilst they vary in design depending on brand and price, e-cigs all have a certain appeal with their combination of sleek functionality, LED lights and buttons. Although far from complex to use, mere ownership of such a device implies that the owner is very much in the know and up to date with all the latest trends.

Where you can go

Ever since 2007 when the Smoking Ban came into effect, cigarette smokers have been greatly limited as to where they can go if they intend to smoke whilst out and about. E-cigarettes however are not as limited, and whilst admittedly prohibited in many locations, it’s nowhere near to the same extent. Being turned away from venue after venue is hardly the mark of someone on the hunt for social success, and a more acceptable alternative is bound to score you points with your mates.

It’s New

Quite simply, a lot of the hype surrounding vaping and e-cigarettes has come about because they are new on the block. Putting aside the health benefits, everyone wants to be up to date with the latest trends and particularly one that’s so revolutionary at handling addiction.

However, that’s not to say that this development is proving to be a mere fad. Vaping has captured a vast market over a sustained period of time. Whether it eventually drives out classic cigarettes for good or the two end up co-existing, still remains to be seen. As we know too well, the whims of fashion often prove to be unpredictable and subject to change.