In the aftermath of last year’s EU Referendum result a petition calling for a second referendum was signed by over two million people. Fifteen months on and a similar petition, appealing to both sides, has been created.


The petition, set up by Tom Holder on September 12, appeals for a second EU Referendum. Yet unlike the previous petition that asked for an immediate rerun of the referendum, this one asks for a vote to take place at the end of the Brexit negotiations.

The reason for this is that by that point, not only will we have some idea of what the United Kingdom’s relationship with the European Union will look like, but it gives the British electorate enough time to become educated in Brexit and its consequences.

After all, the day after Brexit the most Googled question from the United Kingdom was: ‘What is the EU?’ Therefore, in light of what was an EU Referendum fought between fear and lies, isn’t it a good idea to give the electorate a fair chance to truly understand the future?

As such, the Petition proposes three boxes to be placed on the Ballot Paper which are as follows:

(1) To revoke Article 50, thereby keeping Britain in the EU
(2) To reject the UK-EU deal and leave the EU
(3) To accept the UK-EU deal and leave the EU

These three options, two of which give the voter the choice to leave the EU, are also more eloquently put than a simple yes or no. They also require that voters educate themselves before answering.

The referendum has been proposed in such a way that it can be done whether or not a deal has been struck:

‘If all three options remain, it may be necessary for the vote to take place using a Single Transferable Vote to ensure no option is disadvantaged’.

What this means is that if you voted Remain last year and regret it, you can change you stance. It also means that if you voted Leave and regret it, you can change you stance. It also means that if you weren’t eligible to vote in 2016, that you can now make your voice heard.

More importantly, this gives the British public what they deserve: a chance to make an informed decision about their future, rather than be intimidated or deceived into voting for something many people were illiterate about.

Of course, some will just see this as an attempt to sabotage Brexit. They will see Tom Holder as someone refusing to accept the result. In reality however, what is being proposed is a logical sequel to a vote that was fought with fear and lies and which deserves greater understanding, and a more informed decision.


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