Heading off to university for the first time is a massive new challenge for every student. Leaving home, living in a new town, making new friends and, of course, starting a new course. Life is suddenly a whole lot different. You have to keep focused on your studies while you have so many new things going on around you. Here are some top tips for getting your new academic life off to the right start!


Core Housekeeping

When you arrive at university, there are lots of administrative and organisational things you can do to make your studies more manageable and enjoyable. They may be dull and boring, but they will help you remain focused and help you keep your eye on the ball while facing so many possible distractions.

Get Your Timetable

When you first arrive at university, you will receive your timetable of studies. Make sure you have this in a clear, understandable format, and that you take it with you everywhere. You might want to laminate it, or put it inside a folder or notebook to keep it safe. This is the backbone of your study life, so it’s very important to keep it up to date.

Keep a cross fro any time or room changes.

One way to keep track of those changes is by having a university email account set up, as departments and your tutors can use this to communicate with you and the others in your lectures. You could install an app on your smartphone or tablet, so you get alerts — rather than having to constantly check back through your emails. This will help keep you in the picture with lots of aspects of your study.

Read and Read

Get a handle on your reading lists, ensuring that you know what’s required of you each week — and how you can find the books, literature or other content in the library or through online resources.

Stick to Deadlines

As you will have become used to at school and college, you will have deadlines at university to meet. Make sure you stick to them. If you don’t, then you could end up losing marks, impacting your overall results for the year and the final grade. You should be getting your work off the starting blocks as soon as possible after receiving it, try not to leave it to the last minute and then run out of time. This covers everything, from writing essays and doing research to preparing reports and presentations. Work hard first, then you can play hard!

Get a Study Corner

When concentrating on your studies, you need a quiet space where you can get on without distractions. Make sure you set aside an area of your bedroom or house where you can do this, where you feel comfortable and motivated. It’s important to think about this when you are choosing where to live, because if you move into a noisy house with five other students, you may well not get that nice study area you were hoping for. You may want to think about splashing out a little extra money for luxury student accommodation. Check out Collegiate for options available to you.

Meet Your Personal Tutor

It’s important that you keep in contact with your personal tutor, who’s there to help guide you through university life. It’s not just about the teaching and coursework, they’re also there to help with your personal care and your individual needs.