Every year in the UK, as October approaches, Public Health England and the National Health Service (NHS) roll out their campaign to get the Great British public to quit smoking. Named Stoptober, this 28-day challenge seeks to help smokers quit, as it claims you are five times more likely to give up cigarettes if you go smoke-free for an entire month.


Stoptober is now in its sixth successive year, but there is something drastically different this time. The quit smoking campaign has finally shown its support for using e-cigarettes as a way to give up smoking tobacco. While some in the UK have been leading the vaping revolution against cigarettes for years, unfortunately, misinformation is still rife, but support such as this may help the facts about vaping shine through.

Stoptober 2017: Support for the UK’s E-Cigarette Industry

With increasing evidence from scientific research to support the health benefits of e-cigarettes, a record number of e-cigarette users saying they’ve given up tobacco completely, and the government placing them as an important part of its bid to make the UK smoke-free, it’s no wonder we’re finally seeing concrete support for the UK’s e-cigarette industry.

But, there are still many who think e-cigarettes cannot help smokers, or even that they’re more harmful than smoking! With plenty of work to be done to promote the benefits of vaping, we hope that this Stoptober will act as a catalyst to really allow the benefits of e-cigs to be accepted.

How Can An E-Cigarette Help You This Stoptober?

There are many ways an e-cigarette could help you this Stoptober. Not only could e-cigarettes save you money when compared with tobacco cigarettes; they also provide you with a unique way in which to quit smoking.

There are two addictions from smoking. One is the nicotine and the other is the habit. E-cigarettes can work as a direct replacement of both of these needs, allowing you to continue your life as normal. Each time you feel the urge to go and have a cigarette, you can just vape instead.

Vapers report improved taste and smell soon after quitting smoking. Those that exercise regularly also say that the negative effects on their respiration can be reversed by using an e-cigarette. Either way, we know that there are both short-term and long-term benefits of quitting.

Which E-Cigarette is Best for Me?

If you’re considering signing up for Stoptober, you might also want to think about which e-cigarette is best for you. There really is no point in just buying one, as unlike tobacco cigarettes, e-cigarettes come in a variety of shapes, sizes and styles. Don’t be intimidated, though; vaping will still deliver the nicotine you need to help you give up tobacco. You just need to take the time to do a little research first. The three major types of e-cigarettes are disposables, cartomizer pens and vape pens. First, choose which type is best for you.

Disposables are the most convenient and can be used as soon as you open the packet. Unfortunately, these are also more expensive in the long run and don’t provide the excellent flavour or vapour that other styles will. Cartomizer pens are similar to disposables, except you recharge the e-cigarette and replace the flavour cartridge or cartomizer when it runs out. These e-cigarettes cost a little less to run, but do have replaceable parts which can wear out or break. While these e-cigs have a little more power and build quality, it’s the third style, the vape pen that really provides the most enjoyable vaping experience.

Vape pens come in a whole range of choice. However, for a first-timer this Stoptober, you couldn’t go wrong by choosing one of the latest pod mod systems to help you quit smoking. Enjoyable to use but still being very convenient and discreet when vaping, pod mods give you the best of both worlds. The Vype Pebble, for example, fits perfectly into your hand, has a great battery for all-day use and can easily be refilled once your e-liquid runs out. There’s no need to go straight into all the vape culture lingo or complex custom setups just yet.

Join the thousands of Brits who have already stopped smoking with the help of an e-cigarette. Stoptober is the perfect opportunity to quit tobacco for good and change your life forever.