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Anonymous Protesters March On Parliament!

As we approach the 5th November again, we thought we’d release a short exclusive clip from Shout Out UK’s 2015 documentary, Anonymous: A Million Men, in which Anonymous protesters descend upon Parliament with filmmaker Patrick Ireland caught in the midst……

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Young People Talk Media Literacy at the US Embassy

On Tuesday the 31st of October, Shout Out UK continued their #MediaMinded event at the U.S. Embassy in London with a host of GCSE and A-level students. With the sheer quantity of information and polarising opinions expressed through new, traditional…

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What I learned from the Best FIFA Football Awards 2017

I have never been one for sports. I have never really understood the rules and I don’t get why people become so competitive towards it that they argue with their mates and family. I find it hilarious that even our…

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