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An Image of Chaos: This Government needs a reset

Priti Patel has resigned as International Development secretary over meetings she had with Israeli officials that she didn’t tell Number 10 about, breaking the ministerial code of conduct.  But what does this mean for the present Government?     The precarious…

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John McDonnell on dancing on the picket lines

Matteo Bergamini from Shout Out UK sits down with Labour’s Shadow Chancellor of the Exchequer, John McDonnell, to discuss a host of different issues ranging from young people, politics in schools, mental health, austerity and dancing on the picket lines.

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Clever Tips To Beating Winter Illness

Winter is finally here which for most people is an exciting time of year due to all of the festivities that are going on and the chance to cosy up at home in front of the TV. However, coming down…

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Europe’s Sham Referendums: Lombardy & Veneto ‘back greater autonomy’

Just recently two of Italy’s richest northern regions voted for more autonomy, with more than 90 per cent of voters in Lombardy, home to Italy’s financial capital Milan, and the Veneto region around Venice, voting ‘Yes’ in the non-binding referendum….

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