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The Paradise Papers: 7 things to know about the latest global corruption scandal

On November 6, yet another massive data leak revealed how the rich engage in tax evasion schemes and maintain secret links with questionable financial deals around the world. With Panama Papers and Wikileaks setting the precedent, this is the second…

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Why neuromarketing is the new buzzword for businesses

The tone-deaf Kendall Jenner Pepsi commercial, the irreverent Groupon super bowl ad of 2011 and Dove’s awkward new packaging: all three of these disasters act as a reminder that marketing research doesn’t always get it right …   How can…

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Interview with Refugee: ‘I am scared my mum will die without seeing her again’

Over the summer, I spent some time with a charity working with refugees in Calais and other European cities such as Dunkirk, Paris and Brussels. There are no words or photos that can portray the horrendous conditions these men, women…

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