Sometimes the most difficult part of exercising is getting yourself motivated to hit the gym regularly and get on your gym gear with pleasure. One simple way to make the process of improving your body a little less painful and tough is to wear sexy and stylish pieces that will make you feel giddy and more confident. Besides, if you look good you’ll feel good and be ready to show the exercise machines who’s the boss! Here are a few easy ideas on how to look good at the gym without putting too much effort and time. 


Match your top with your shoe colour

Bright coloured trainers are always highly popular. If you want to achieve a stylish look without spending too much time at matching different colours together, you can simply dress up the top and trainers in the same bright colour. But, remember, everything else should be neutral (black, grey, white, navy).

Coordinate your leggings with trainers

Most women like to play it safe and wear the black bottoms. Some women just hate bright trainers and think the best shoes for CrossFit training can only be black. So if you’re a fan of black, you can use this to your advantage. Just pair your sleek black trainers with black leggings and your legs will be visually longer as you create a smooth, uninterrupted line from your hips to the ground. Moreover, you can wear any colour on top without thinking too much because everything goes with black. This is the simplest way to lengthen your legs and look chic at the gym.

Wear the perfect pants

If you’re not sure what kind of pants to wear to the gym, you can’t go wrong choosing leggings. Remember, men love women who wear leggings. But picking out sports leggings isn’t that straightforward. You should pay attention to fit and function, and also figure out the right style needed for the activities in which you plan to exercise. If you really want to look stylish and feel comfortable while working hard and breaking a sweat during the workout, then you need to follow these smart leggings style tips:

  • Below knee leggings are used to highlight the thinnest point of your leg.
  • If you’re tall and your calves are fuller than your thighs, above knee leggings can balance your proportions.
  • Bootcut leggings fit you ideally if your thighs and calves are equally wide.
  • Pick fitted leggings for yoga, but if you need free movement, put on loose-fit leggings.
  • Spandex or nylon leggings are your best choice to work out as they will retain your shape well and last for at least a year.

Highlight your curves

Your best outfit for gym should also include a cute sports bra. A comfortable, properly fitted sports bra is a must-have piece you should use every time you hit the gym. A good sports bra provides excellent breast support and prevents unwanted bouncing, making your workouts easier and more enjoyable. By the way, don’t ignore bright sports bras because a brighter bra draws more attention to the top half of your body in a flirty, subtle way. And although your bra’s colour is important, keep in mind it has to fit you properly to be beneficial. Finding the right bra to suit you can be difficult, so, use this online bra guide to choose the perfect bra for the gym.

Wear comfy underwear for gym

Bearing in mind the need for a well-fitting sports bra, the importance of nice gym-suited pants is often forgotten. But whether you put on your tracksuit, shorts or leggings, you need to wear comfy underwear to exercise efficiently. Besides that, when you do crunches or squats your panty line can be quite visible, so pay attention to the low-rise thongs that are skimpy enough to stay hidden even under the most closest-fitting leggings.

Choose gym hairstyles

Don’t wear your hair loose at the gym, especially when you run or do crunches. Loose hair can make you look messy and untidy. Instead, choose ponytails, buns and different braided hairstyles to help you look stylish and neat while doing your workouts!