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Phase two of Brexit talks promises a tough 2018 for the UK

Earlier this week reports circulated around Westminster suggesting that the UK and the EU had reached a deal over the Brexit Bill, increasing the chances of the EU 27 agreeing to move on to phase two of the talks at…

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The Children’s Rights Inquiry 2017: Helping the ‘Hidden Youth’ left behind

Inquiries can be intimidating for all parties involved. I remember the first time I went to an inquiry, which was for the Mid Staffordshire crisis where many lives were lost due to professionals mistreating patients. I came from the inquiry…

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You’re In Control Of Your Health, So Stop Harming It!

Health is an issue that will always be important. But strangely enough, it’s one of those things that not all of us tend to take as seriously as we should. Sometimes, life just passes us by, and we’re more interested…

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