Art is a world that is always moving. While there are many classics that will remain important for hundreds of years there is also a vast array of new artists producing work every day that will bring pleasure and enjoyment to many people. Of course, some of these artists may go on to reach the celebrity heights of famous names Like Damien Hirst but that is not always the goal.

Art is a passion and artists create regardless of success; this means many people can share in this passion by buying work from smaller, newer artists rather than just looking at a print of a piece worth millions.

New artists are championed in many ways from newspapers to local galleries, but the rise of online art retailers like artrepublic is also playing a major role. They allow people to gain access to a world that many previously felt was only for the knowledgeable few.

Here are just 5 of many up-and-coming British artists that you should know about and hopefully enjoy!

Tom Cox

Tom Cox is all about London. Whether you have been there or not he depicts the bustling world that is London in all its glory. He includes a huge amount of detail from small things like arguments to larger things like crowds and buildings. He really encapsulates London and all of its residents. Tom Cox’s art can be viewed here.

Mikéla Henry-Lowe

Mikéla’s works show positive images that celebrate black women rather than many of the more negative depictions found in western media. Her aim with painting is to break down these images into parts so they become so much more than the negative sum that is often portrayed. View Mikéla’s work here.

Anna Bunting-Branch

Anna is a PhD student and seems to somehow find the time to create art that is already making waves. She explores various feminist images and visions from history. She takes a new look at words like ‘witch’ that have historically been turned into very negative terms. She creates new art out of the myths and history surrounding women. You can discover her work here.

Joe Webb

Quoted as being very influential in the creation of a Coldplay video, Joe is certainly making waves. He creates collages from vintage magazines which are both stunning to look at and  are filled with political meaning. View his work here.

Hannah Farrell

Farrell was born in 1990 and hails from Manchester. She is also part of the ArtWork Atelier in Salford. She recently produced work around sexuality, the female form and how stillness plays a role. Her thought-provoking work is certainly interesting but also visually beautiful.