When I say ‘the phantom silencer’ you probably start to think of a nightmarish, ghoulish creature from a bizarre horror or supernatural film. Truth be told … the ghoulish creatures are those who rely on the phantom silencer so heavily to aid their debate — the liberals.


So, what is it?

Political correctness, of course! Or you could perhaps call it, ‘the democracy defiling Daedalion dictatorship’.

Queue the angry Lefties after that line — unless they are finally ready to accept that their way of silencing their political opponents or those brave enough to defy them is perhaps, at the very least, an insult to the supposed democracy that they claim to love so very much. The democracy that also allows them to intoxicate society with dictatorial ideas and manners.

Now … I haven’t got a piece of paper large enough to list for you all of my issues with political correctness and the reasons for why it is quite so detrimental to society, but I am going to try and choose the key reasons and put them here, in this article.


So, before I critique the concept of political correctness too harshly, I would like to say that I do believe that it was brought into the world with the best of intentions, but I also believe that it is now spewing negativity into society — sort of like ISIS, Kim Jong-un, and the Labour Party.

As an example, political correctness was designed to mitigate the pain of a statement, like … ‘the Muslims’ claim that Muhammad flew to Heaven on a winged horse may well be a little bit of a fib, as there is no evidence of winged horses ever existing, except for in ancient mythology’.

Unfortunately, though, political correctness does not really mitigate the pain of the given statement. Instead, it is used as more of a system of repression, not just for evil Right-wingers like myself, but also for liberals. The population seems to believe, as a whole, that the only way to be considered as supportive, or as an ally of marginalised groups in society is to — essentially — become a doormat and adhere to each and every rule being sprayed out, on an almost daily basis, by the ‘safe space’ morons. When they ‘safe space’, they actually mean ‘a place where meaningful disagreements are virtually killed in their ideological-ness’.

The problem with it, and the reason why political correctness is causing such an issue, is the people who depend on it. White, British liberals, I am looking at you! This set of people are so hell-bent on redeeming our ancestors for their colonial wrongdoings, that they will happily be the previously mentioned doormats for just about anybody.

Why can we not stop them? Well, to put it simply… They are like flies around a dog’s nether regions; constantly on the prowl for something that doesn’t smell of roses so that they can latch onto it. By that, I mean they analyse every word and every joke made by a less sensitive being, hunting for something that they can either cry or be angry about.

Now, if you fancy living like that, then go ahead — we live in a democracy, I won’t shun you. But I do have a thought about your ideological stance on liberalism and its brainchild, political correctness … it is ignorance to the extreme.

Why? Because the ideological world that liberals fantasise about is, borderline, impossible. It was created in the minds of liberals, it is wanted by liberals, and it will die with liberalism; at the hands of liberals. See, as a theory, political correctness is excellent, but in practice, it is only a way to avoid the reality of the actual world in which we all live. And that, ‘actual world’, is exactly what liberals need to learn how to effectively deal with, without acting like moral supremacists or becoming abusive to everybody who opposes their ‘politically correct’ point of view. It is ironic, really… that extreme moral supremacy is encouraging absolutist totalism.

So, some advice to liberals from a less-intolerant region of the political spectrum … You cannot continuously call those of us who disagree with you xenophobic, homophobic, illiterate racists when our opinion wounds your fragile soul. You need to stop that, step away from politics for a moment, remove yourself from the overprotected liberal shell and consider whether you can achieve the utopia that you dream of when you are now those that others call oppressors.

So, that’s that. Sadly, with the misuse of political correctness, the halo-wearing, rainbow-spraying liberals have become the very same people that their ideology was born to oppose. Uh-oh.


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