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Grenfell Tower: a Sordid Affair

I am sure that you, dear reader, remember the nightmarish blaze in North Kensington, London — known now as the ‘Grenfell Tower fire‘.   Yesterday marked exactly 6 months since the catastrophe that claimed 71 innocent lives, 18 of which…

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Budget 2017 – Education: ‘Schools will be worse off’ says Angela Rayner

Over the last decade the intergenerational gap has widened drastically as younger generations juggle paying off student loans, one of the most expensive public transportation systems in the world, unaffordable housing and low incomes.   Budget 2017 was heavily flagged…

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Grenfell was only the tip of the UK’s social problem of poverty

In the days following the Grenfell Fire we saw both the worst and best of humanity.   We saw a woefully disastrous response from the Prime Minister, local council leaders, and several campaign groups namely some hard-left organisations that aimed…

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Grenfell Tower 6 Months on: How Aesthetics over safety destroyed lives

Six months after the worst post-war tragedy occurred in London at Grenfell, the survivors and members of the Royal Family gathered in St Paul’s Cathedral to remember the 71 victims of a disaster that not only brought London together but…

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