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The Proposed 2-year Degree: Good or Bad Idea?

News has emerged in recent days that the universities are planning to offer two-year ‘intensive’ degree courses to students. The price? A cool £11,100, which is around £2,000 more per year than a standard course when compared on a year-by-year…

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The Millennial Railcard: A farce that won’t save young people much money

The last general election made it clear for the Conservatives that they needed younger votes after the vast majority of under-30s backed Labour’s Jeremy Corbyn.   So, in an effort to win over these younger voters Chancellor Hammond announced that…

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Why tribes are the ignored solution to the Middle East crisis

Since the fall of the Ottoman Empire and the end of colonialism, Middle East countries have adopted a Western-style political system, which for some of them led to instability and wars. The solution may lie in the tribal system ……

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