I recently attended the annual Stylist Live event where people can meet the experts behind the articles. From talks on how to set up your own business from scratch to the science of flirting, my friend and I couldn’t contain our excitement to hear the first talk!


Early mornings mean SUCCESS!

You set your alarm for 5:30 on a Monday morning but keep pressing the snooze button 50 times! Then you only have five minutes to get ready, which means you probably miss breakfast with no time to plan your day. We have all been there, which is why I attended the talk ‘Morning Routines of Successful Women’.

Speakers included Annie Ridout, Editor of The Early Hour blog; Jasmine Hemsley, who is an expert in wellness and nutrition and; Cassandra Stavrou, founder of the popcorn company Propercorn.

Annie wakes up at 5:30 so she can have spare time to do Pilates stretches, go for a run, have breakfast and be out the door by 8am. Jasmine believes in looking after yourself in the holistic sense through such things as scraping your tongue in the mornings, as she believes in good hygiene, and giving at least 15 minutes to meditation before a busy day. Cassandra says she used to suffer from insomnia, but she also believes it is normal to have good and bad days in your morning routine. Music helps her to be in a good mood, but a to do list is also helpful for getting harder tasks out of the way first for less stress. According to Cassandra, apps like Focus Booster can be very effective for to do lists.

Stylist Live 2017 Event: Learn how to be a woman who has it allSo, let’s all try to be a little better and not hit that snooze button but instead wake up earlier and make that oatmeal or smoothie.

Thought about starting a business in peanut butter?

Many young people now want to be the next Lord Sugar but have no idea how to start. In the talk How to Break into a Business you Know Nothing About, leaders in business discussed how they started doing something that was very different from their previous job.

One speaker I admired on the panel was Pippa Murray who worked in theatre but is now a nut butter entrepreneur. Her dream began when she looked at the ingredients of her nut butter which included palm oil, and wanted to use a healthier alternative. Now, her brand Pip and Nut is doing so well that sales are expected to reach a whopping 6 million at the end of the year, with her product sold by big companies like Holland & Barrett. Pippa says that starting a business is like going on a camping trip — you need all the tools to get started but you also need a rest.

Stop judging me!

How to Really Let go of Prejudice was a very exciting talk for me as I finally got to meet one of my idols, Cherry Healey who makes documentaries. She recalled how people held prejudiced views about her when she became a single mum, and the media’s stereotype of how single mums resemble versions of the Vicky Pollard character in Little Britain. This made her question whether she is a good mother, but soon she realised that she is because she has a good job, a house, and always gets her children to school on time.

Natalie Lee, who has a blog called Style Me Sunday that brings fashion and emotion together, discussed how her own views changed when her daughter was diagnosed with a condition known as Brittle Cornea Syndrome. Before that diagnosis Natalie thought these kinds of things only happen to certain types of people. Now she is a passionate advocate for not prejudging certain groups. She gave the example of a skin-headed white male with a Nazi Swastika tattoo, urging us not to assume the worst but to question the circumstances that may have led this person to become what he is now.

A good end to the talk was Cherry stating how one must not be a ‘dirty judger’.

The science behind talking

Stylist Live 2017 Event: Learn how to be a woman who has it allPut Down your Phone and Flirt: The lost art of human communication. The speaker was Jean Smith who founded a communication science known as ‘Flirtology’, which was inspired by how people in different communities across the world talk to one another through her studies in social anthropology. Jean reflects what many people have been thinking about for some time now, which is that social media is actually ruining one-to-one interaction.

According to Jean, people should be confident enough to talk to one another face-to-face and make deeper connections. Her step by step technique of flirtology is just the guide for those of us who are on the shy side. The technique works through  the following acronym: H.O.T A.P.E

H – Humour O – open body language T – touch A – attention P – proximity E – eye contact

If you want more information on what Jean Smith has to say, then watch her Ted Talk.

Comments from attendees

Alizeh Latif — photographer 

‘My highlight of the weekend was watching the talk about Harnam Kaur and how dating has changed in our generation. I also enjoyed the talks on Don’t Hate the Shake and Myth Busting: The real ways to eat well in 2018. I learnt how to be youself more instead of following what the media is telling you through the talks on Tinder Burnout: What dating will look like in 2018 and Ask a Teenage Feminist. Making further connections was good for me to get out of my comfort zone, as I was able to network with a blogger. I would definitely recommend people go next year!’

Marketing manager

‘It is a lifestyle show like no other. I also like the fact you can network and people are just happy be here and talk to you’.

Happy Human Club Instagram page Founder

‘I came to the event to build more networks and promote my Insagram page — The Happy Human Club. I wanted to create something to make people feel happy. Being a young mum, life can be stressful at times together with living and trying to climb the career ladder. That is why I have created a happy place online filled with glitter, like glitter doughnuts! In the future, I want to sell products that relate to the page but I need finances first!’

The next time I pick up a free Stylist magazine, I will think about those behind the articles!

Stylist Live 2017 Event: Learn how to be a woman who has it all


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