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Young people avoid talking politics on social media for fear it will harm future job prospects

We recently surveyed 6,259 British people under the age of 18, and discovered that more than three quarters (78%) think that talking about politics on social media will hurt their chances of getting a job in the future, 15% think…

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The decline of British Airways is a Brexit metaphor that none of us need

Oh British Airways. Once advertised as the ‘World’s Best Airline’. Once the global symbol of our international standing. Once the epitome of high-class British service. Oh British Airways, just what has happened to you?   Recently, when I took a…

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The Extent of the Scottish Teaching Crisis Revealed

It has recently been revealed that the serious teacher shortage that Scotland is suffering from, that we have all been hearing so much about for a while now, is even worse than many people think.   It has emerged that…

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