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New Year, New You: Find a New Sport

There are lots of people who have been repeating the mantra of ‘new year, new you’ ever since 2018. For most people, this whole mantra is to try and motivate themselevs to make some big changes in their life, usually…

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Finally, Channel 5 offers an education with Celebrity Big Brother 2018

CBB is more famed these days for pooling together reality TV stars from various regions and TV-set islands. Throw in the odd has-been and you bi-annually have your unoriginal concoction of sex, mental breakdowns and battles for the limelight.  …

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Deadly reasoning: How religion harms the good

Sometimes it is classed as a fool’s errand; a pointless proposition, the act of hitting your head against a very, very solid brick wall.   The debate with and against the religious peoples in society is, first and foremost, an…

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