It can be easy to forget about the less fortunate especially when everybody’s lives are so hectic. But the fact that so many continue to volunteer during their free time should be encouraged and admired.


In the UK people are constantly thinking of innovative ideas to help the less fortunate.

People essentially volunteer to make the world a better place. After all, given the tragedies that keep happening in the world, the willingness of people to give each other a helping hand should be admired. This was seen after the Grenfell Tower fire, where countless people came to offer their support, including volunteers who gave up their time and organized the donated items so they could help victims of the fire. Volunteers not only came from the local area but from across London offering any support and help they could.

In everyday life volunteers remain the unsung heroes of helping the most vulnerable. This can be as simple as offering a few hours of your time helping in a charity shop, to selling cakes on your local high street, collecting money at your workplace, or taking time to talk with an elderly person in your local community. The volunteers may think that this has very little effect on people’s lives, but the kindness and support they show in giving up their time may encourage others to volunteer too, or even start raising money for a cause of their own. The money raised, no matter how little, will go a long way to helping someone less fortunate.

Volunteering doesn’t just raise money, however. It has also been shown to help with improving mental illness, especially depression.

In our very busy lives we may think we do not have time to volunteer, but volunteering not only improves your own wellbeing but also the lives of others. It requires no special skills or experience, just time and commitment to making people’s lives a little better.

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