For years, students have been trying to solve the same problem: finding a job. Graduation is a bittersweet moment for young people because it’s an uphill battle from day one. Even with a world-class degree in their back pockets, the youth struggle to make an impact thanks to a lack of experience or office-based skills. It’s enough to make young people think: why the hell should I go to university anyway? Well, there is a simple answer, and it’s sports. While uni promotes betterment, playing games can help break down career barriers.

 Here are the reasons why:

Engagement And Socialisation

A part of securing a role is to make an impact on the recruiters. Applicants not only want to show off their qualifications but their confidence, too. To do that, candidates have to project the image that they belong. The English language is without a doubt the easiest way to do this. Speaking clearly, concisely and confidently are three ways to make an excellent first impression. Changing rooms may not be known for their debates, but they are places where men and women interact. Learning how to socialise is an essential ingredient of a successful and fulfilling career. And, it starts in youth competitions.

Network And Contacts

People forget that social situations are potential job interviews. The stats may not exist, yet it’s not illogical to assume many individuals find roles through a friend of a friend. Again, it links back to interaction. There the guys and girls are sitting in the changing room talking about nothing in particular. The next moment someone mentions a trigger word which sets off a chain reaction. Before long, text messages go back and forth favours are asked and given. The people that seem the least unlikely can often be the ones that kick-start a profession.

The Dream

How many young boys and girls fantasize about being the next Messi or Bolt? Kids don’t go a day without daydreaming about being the next big world star. Not to be facetious, but it does happen to a select few. The Lebrons and Bradys all start somewhere, and it’s at the bottom of the ladder. That’s why a company like Evergreens lays artificial turf. Even if it’s a pipe dream, don’t forget about the people who forge a less lucrative sporting career. Coaches, scouts and physios are integral to modern sports, and they get just as much fulfilment. The pay isn’t bad, either.

An Exit Strategy

Many of the modern youth are not in a privileged position. As a result, they turn to a life of crime. Obviously, a rap sheet isn’t a tick in the plus column for employers. And, it only takes a simple DBS report to find out about trouble with the law. Sport offers refuge to these people and provides a realistic contingency plan. Rather than be a criminal, the values on the pitch teach you to work hard and focus your attention. Mike Tyson would be one person to say his life benefited from boxing, and he wouldn’t be the only one.

So can sports potentially benefit everyone?

To borrow a phrase from a sport-friendly administration, Yes It Can!


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