It’s Monday morning, you have just woken up, late for a lecture after a boozy weekend with your mates; you’re tired from dancing, and you’re in desperate need of some good ol’ water.

But of course, you don’t have time to dilly-dally so you roll out of bed and go to grab some clothes. And then you panic. Your clothes are all over the floor, your wardrobe consists of only hangers and your washing basket is full to the brim! 

This is a common problem for us young ones. Half the time we can’t be bothered to do our washing, or we just don’t have the time. Always on the run, always busy, and always procrastinating. That’s the millennial way.

And so, I present to you, busy students and hard workers, the brand-new startup company, Laundry Check!

So, what is Laundry Check? 

‘Laundry check is an on-demand laundry and dry cleaning service, for universities and domestic households powered by tech. Our service consists of 24-hour locker service drop off locations
using hybrid vehicles as a mode of transport to reduce carbon emissions’.

Pretty good, right? All you’ve got to manage to do is transport your dirty laundry from your basket to an already provided locker, and then use the smartphone that you’re probably already glued too, to call upon the domestic deities at Laundry Check. If you’ve got a good imagination or if you’re still inebriated, it’s very much like using the bat signal. They’ll even deliver the fresh laundry to your door, or back at the locker that you dropped it off at. Simple!

Before we get into the super cheap pricing for this excellent service, let’s have a read of some wise words from the founder and CEO of Laundry Check, Kwame Boateng.

‘For university students, the perception of doing the laundry is often seen as an old and traditional chore, often piled up and left for a parent to deal with when visiting. Our vision is to change this perception and bring the control back to the students by offering them a fast and convenient solution.

Most laundry apps target young professionals with disposable incomes, but there’s a gap in the market for a washing service that is focused on student accommodations. Through my research, I found that most UK universities had no system in how their students’ laundry was sorted which is why I think Laundry Check is a perfect fit’.

So, pricing … Laundry Check, through their app for all smartphones, charge only £1.88 per kg of laundry, or starts at £2 for individual items of clothing that need the specialist dry-cleaning service. For this, they will even do the ironing for you!

Well, that’s enough for me. Laundry Check really rescues and provides a great service that you lazy so-and-sos should make the most of!

Check out the website here for the rest of the info that you need to begin your laundry cleaning love affair, and holla the washing deities at Laundry Check on your favourite social media platforms!

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Twitter: @LaundryCheck

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