With so many cheap flights available overseas, it is not a surprise that people look to different countries when they want to have a fun adventure. But while it can be fun to board a plane and wake up in a country that speaks a different language, in doing so, we often neglect our own country. It’s easy to forget just how much fun can be had in England, Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland, but let’s remember: millions of people from all corners of the globe visit our sweet islands each year! Below, we outline why you might just consider staying on our shores for your getaways this year.

Outstanding Cities

The UK has a long and rich history, and, as such, has some of the best cities in the world; and no, that is not an understatement. From Bristol to Manchester and beyond, you’ll find some of the world’s best food, music, art galleries, and more. And that’s before we even begin talking about London. We know it can be overwhelming, but London is rightly regarded as one of the greatest urban areas found anywhere. And indeed, given its rich multiculturalism, it’s a bit like travelling the whole world … without boarding a plane.

Beautiful Landscapes

Take a look at photographs of New Zealand, and most people will think ‘I want to go there’, forgetting that they have comparable landscapes right in the UK. Take a trip to the Lake District, or to Wales, or up to Giant’s Causeway, or to the Scottish Highlands, and you’ll be treated to scenery that is sublime. People often think that the UK is all motorways, towns, and cities, but actually, only 10 per cent of the UK is ‘built up’; that means there’s a lot of land waiting to be explored!

Diverse Fun

If you tend to use your trips abroad to do something active, then never fear, because the UK offers plenty in this department, too. Like surfing? You’ll find some pretty epic (albeit chilly) waves waiting to be ridden. Enjoy getting active and competitive with friends? Then head to the north and go paintballing in Liverpool. There’s even a ski area up in Scotland! Combine these with all the fun inner city activities — like trampolining, wall climbing, and so on, and there’s no reason why you should ever be bored at home.

Small Towns

They’re often overlooked, but there are plenty of beautiful quaint little towns dotted around the UK. Get in the car, and go for a drive around the Southwest; you’ll never be too far from a picturesque town that is quintessentially English. And there are few things better than nursing an ale in a pub of one of those remote Ireland towns. Get travelling, and you’ll see that there are interesting places just about everywhere!

We know that the UK isn’t as exotic as the Bahamas, or as warm as California, but it has a lot to offer the curious traveller — even if they’re from the UK!