AI, or Artificial Intelligence, is being used and incorporated into a range of cyber security products. However, experts have now revealed that this technology may introduce a threat. AI reportedly poses threats to cyber security, physical security, and political security, according to reports by both UK and US researchers. So is AI still worth utilizing in business, or is it more trouble than it is worth?

AI: A New Threat To Your Cyber Security?

If you’re a business owner, being able to predict, avoid and mitigate new AI threats is important. Any threat should be preconsidered and planned for, yet many business owners still aren’t aware of AI. AI is being extensively studied and experiments performed, and it is largely agreed that it can present a great solution for defence. However, although the increased use of AI for cyber defence has many advantages, it may introduce new risks as well. The question then: is it worth using AI at all if it is a threat to our systems?

IS AI Really A Threat To Your Cyber Security? As AI capabilities become more powerful and widespread, it shouldn’t be long before people begin to experience a more widespread, aggressive wave of attacks. It is now becoming easier and cheaper to carry out cyber attacks, and new threats present themselves as attackers exploit vulnerabilities in AI systems. For business owners, this presents many issues, including the threat from labour-intensive cyber attacks, such as spear phishing. These attacks are expected to increase over the next few months.

Exploiting Human Vulnerabilities

New attacks that exploit human vulnerabilities by using speech synthesis for impersonation are also expected, with the likelihood of cyber attacks using machine-learning capabilities soon. Expert opinion seems to agree that if this hasn’t happened yet, it will soon. Business owners are at a loss as to what to do about this very real, scary threat. Employing expert IT services within the business can help to identify threats early on — a vigilant approach must be taken to stave off these harmful attacks. This is a critical moment in the co-evolution of AI and cyber security, and every business owner should proactively prepare for the next wave of attacks. Expect them to be bigger than ever before.

Although there are tools built on a combination of heuristic and machine-learning algorithms that can work against manmade malware, AI systems are smart in the fact that they may be able to teach themselves to evade them over a short period of time. This is why a proactive effort is required to avoid being targeted by this next wave of malicious attacks.

Conclusion: Is AI Too Dangerous To Be Beneficial To Business?

AI is beneficial, as it helps by automating complex processes that detect attacks and then reacts to a breach appropriately. However, as these processes are becoming more sophisticated and data deception technology is being deployed, attackers are using AI to their own advantage. AI can make decisions that benefit attackers, which puts everybody at risk of automated attacks that meticulously learn about the systems they target.