No matter how hard you try, there always come moments in your life when you’re feeling a bit bored or fed up. This could be because you’re waiting for something to happen, or because you don’t have the funds to go out and entertain yourself the way that you wish. Luckily, there are boredom busters that will pass the time and allow you to begin something that you will enjoy and can continue doing as part of your daily life. Here are some killer ways to beat boredom in life’s dull moments.

Free time at home

More often than not we crave for some time to ourselves, yet when we get that time we become bored and don’t know what to do with ourselves. This can be frustrating if when you get home from work there’s nothing to do, and you don’t feel like watching TV all night.

You could start a blog to run from home in your spare time. It’s really easy to set up, and if you don’t want to put funding into it there are completely free options too. There’s no limit on what you can blog about, and you get the chance to meet some incredible people with great minds online. Another fantastic part of blogging is that there is opportunity to make money from it, so over time your new hobby could turn into a money-making adventure alongside your regular life.


If you’re someone who has to commute a lot, then you will know how annoying it can be if you’re on a long journey with nothing to do. This is where technology comes in real handy. There are tons of apps that you can download to keep you occupied, and more often than not they become something that you want to do during all of your free time.

If you’re more into gaming on your phone, an app you should try is to play Final Fantasy 15 mobile game. It’s very realistic, and goes deeper than just a few simple levels for you to complete. Not only that, you can play against other people, and even your friends if they have the app too! It’s much alike other large games except that you can play it from anywhere as long as you have your phone or tablet on you!

Annual leave from work

Having time off work is great because you can take a break from your regular nine-to-five routine. However, it can leave you in a position where you’re wondering what to do, and if you don’t have the funds to go away on vacation you could leave yourself stuck.

Consider trying something new with your life, maybe even something that will improve your way of living. When you’re busy with your normal routine it can be easy to pick up bad habits that can make you unhealthy. Why not use your free time to kick-start yourself back on track? That way, when you return to work you will have adopted new habits to become a healthier version of you!