We all know the health narrative behind making lifestyle changes, such as eating a better diet or finally beginning that long-overdue workout regime. We know good health is the key to a happy life, and that living in the right way increases our energy levels, protects us from a range of diseases, extends our life expectancy and even makes us happier. And all of these are the best reasons going for taking up a health kick. But human beings can be weak.

We are vain and far shallower than we’d like to admit. So it may be more motivating to make changes to your health for the sake of getting more attention rather than anything nobler. Here are the small changes you can make to your lifestyle that have the potential to make you a lot more attractive.

DO: Eat a rainbow of fruit and veg GET: Shiny hair and glowing skin

One of the most attractive aspects of a person is that glow of peak health — a sparkle in the eye, thick, shiny hair and a radiant glow that comes from within. Indeed, we spend large chunks of money on trying to replicate these traits artificially — you only have to look at the soaring popularity of liquid highlighters to see this in action. But simply eating different colours of fruits and vegetables can get you that glow for free. Being mindful of ‘eating a rainbow’ is an easy shortcut to ensuring you get the full range of vitamins, minerals and nutrients that your body needs to function at its optimum level and radiate good health. So find a way to ‘colour in’ your beige meals — from adding orange bell peppers and a cup of spinach to that omelette, to slicing purple grapes, red raspberries and yellow bananas onto your morning cereal.

DO: Give up the smoke GET: Fresh breath and fewer wrinkles

Finding a way to Go Smoke Free can be a challenge, but the beauty benefits are legendary. The toxins contained in cigarette smoke don’t just destroy your lungs — they also cause premature ageing. Smoking deprives the skin of oxygen and nutrients, which causes sallowness and reduces collagen — leading to wrinkles forming. Couple this with stained teeth, smelly breathe, discoloured nails, receding gums and dull hair, and you can see that smokers are fighting on the losing side of the beauty battle. Using replacements like gums or patches can help you to get on top of cravings.

DO: Add running to your weekly routine GET: A trimmer waistline and less bloating

Running is one of the easiest and most satisfying exercises to take up. You don’t need anything other than a pair of trainers, you can squeeze it in around your existing life, and it has the power to make you fit — inside and out. Not only is developing a running routine a surefire way to help you shed the pounds, but it can also help to banish bloating from your body and face. If you suffer from puffy eyes, it can even help with that. How? By stimulating your lymphatic flow, the network in the body that removes toxins. So no more shelling out on fancy eye creams — just lace up your running shoes to get better looking, fast.