With all of the political chaos, social discussion, policy arguments and general technological strangeness going on in the world, it can be a very strange time when you reflect on everything. Maybe it’s the availability of information that is causing this strange, fragmented reality. There is too much content online (of great quality), which means you are restricted to limiting your mental intake to what the brain can digest. This may be worthwhile but hard to do. And sometimes, you may not want to interact with this at all.

You couldn’t be blamed in this instance. It’s not easy to keep up with everything in the beehive of the modern intellectual marketplace. For this reason, partaking in simpler activities can always win out. Getting active is your first port of call, and if it isn’t yet it certainly should be. Yes, laying around and watching slow-burn television shows can be a great way to pass a day, but if you hope to make some real progress, then the art of shaking off your physical cobwebs can reign supreme.

Getting active can be fun, you know. In fact, it should be fun. Unless you’re an athlete, torturing yourself to reach a certain goal will quickly allow you to lose interest in the whole affair. This is why developing and using love as a motivator can help you. When we say love we mean love for the moment-to-moment experience of partaking in whatever physical activity you choose to engage in.

We have listed some of the most reactive, dynamic, adventurous and simply inspiring exercises and habits you can get into if you hope to increase your general fitness level. Improving your body and mind, and getting away from the mysticism of modern discourse could be considered an absolutely wonderful pursuit, so be sure to try it!

Rock Climbing

The most fun sports to take part in are often those that do not care about how good you look. Rock climbing is a difficult sport to master, but it has almost infinite depth and truly develops your spirit and mind. Rock climbing is as much an intellectual sport as it is a physical one, as carefully selecting body composition, your climbing route, and balancing your mind between fear and courage can truly make a healthy person blossom.

Not only that, but there are a wide array of wonderful community members worldwide partaking in this sport. If you’re looking for a community, there’s almost none tighter than those who rock climb. With the right group, before long you’ll be scaling the best rock climbing spots of all time with your deft Spiderman-esque reflexes and getting jaws to drop all around you. Believe us when we say that you might find this incredibly rewarding, almost to a fault. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

Martial Arts

Martial arts might not sound fun unless you’re into the potential of being hit. However, martial arts are much more than this, and allow for more of a defensive outlook on fighting than anything else. The mark of a strong martial arts teacher is someone who can implant discipline, routine, respect and the willingness to never use your skills until absolutely necessary.

Martial arts are so fun because they have the closest parallels to dancing, especially if you take into account Jiu Jitsu, Judo or even Kung Fu. Negotiating with your body, practising footwork and stances, understanding the minutiae of your composure and how to change it fractionally, is all extremely fascinating if you enjoy games or simply allowing your body to learn a physical language. Plus, this is the one sport in which you are graded on your hierarchy and skill set. The feeling you gain when advancing a belt is something worthy of champions, and it’s completely within your grasp should you hope to get it.

However, not only are martial arts so exciting in their application. The people they attract (depending on the martial art) is also a massive bonus. For example, those in Jiu-Jitsu learn very quickly that physical brawn will never gain an advantage, and will actually be a detriment if they can’t mitigate the effects of size. This universally humbling quality puts everyone on the same page, and thus gives you the tools to make friends with good people; people you respect and hope to grow alongside. We’d say that’s a pretty solid result for something you might practise two or three nights a week.

Getting Active Can Be An Adventure, You Know!Hiking

Let’s bring it back to one of the most basic exercising adventures you can go on. Humans have been walking and pondering life since they could stand on two legs, meaning that the very act of walking is something practised by our earliest ancestors. Why not make use of this wonderful ability and head into your local nature reserve? You might bring along a camera and make an active photography adventure for yourself or a friend, or generally ponder certain things in your life with the freedom that nature and walking provide.

Hiking also acts as a meditation, as each rhythmic step serves as a reminder that you need to embody the present moment. When you become adept at this, you will find an inner peace and a sense of lowered defences – which is when all the best ideas are usually spawned. If you don’t consider that a good time, then why not try off-road cycling or camping out at regular intervals? It might be that you simply need good company, or even the most basic requirement of good music to spice up your work.

However, be sure to always head out to locations you may not have visited before, as visiting the same places can often get stale and lead you to consider this hobby boring. Starting your day with one of these long walks can be one of the most inwardly rewarding tasks, and can certainly help you gain in fitness levels. For better results, consider wearing a rucksack filled with books or quickening your pace. You’ll be backpacking the world in no time!

Even the most exercise-shy of newbies can make use of the advice in this list. If you do, you might just find a world of fun you had been missing out on. Good luck!