On Monday night the far left protest group Antifa broke into King’s College London to protest an event being hosted by King’s Libertarian Society for two right-wing speakers, Sargon of Akkad (real name Carl Benjamin) and Yaron Brook. This occurred just three days before King’s College London’s Student Union Elections, which are due to happen this Thursday.

In light of this protest, Shout Out UK have been tipped off by an anonymous source that one of the candidates running for Vice President (which is a full time paid position) of the Student Union, Robert Liow, was on location supporting Antifa. This has put a spotlight on King’s College London in terms of whom they have allowed to run in their student union elections.

Robert Liow’s response on Facebook about why he was covering his face and taking part in the protest.
Robert Liow’s response on Facebook about why he was covering his face and taking part in the protest.

What we were sent were two screenshots. One from Instagram and one from Facebook. This proves that Robert Liow was not only present at this protest but was present to support the protesters. As can be seen in the header photo above, we have an image of Robert Liow alongside the screenshot from Instagram. Liow is identifiable by his square glasses and a black jumper. These appear in both his PR photograph for the student union and in the Instagram screenshot that clearly shows both his glasses and the same black jumper.

Consequently, we’re not the first to identify him. Our second screenshot from Facebook shows Liow admitting to being the figure in the photograph. After a Facebook user accused him of supporting Antifa, he replied stating that he was wearing the mask to protect himself. This argument might have stuck had it not been for the fact that in his right hand he is holding a megaphone. This shows that he was not there as a ‘victim’ of the protest but rather as a participant, engaging in disruptive pro-Antifa activities. This is an action that is hardly correct for someone running for Vice President of King’s College London’s Student Union.

Response by the KCL Libertarian Society who organised the event.
Response by the KCL Libertarian Society who organised the event.

Further evidence comes from King’s Libertarian Society who said, in a statement on their page that:

‘At the exact second that masked Antifa protestors thundered into the lecture theatre, King’s students stood up and began screaming: “No fascists on campus”. They had been sitting in the room with megaphones waiting for action’. This is more evidence against Robert Liow given his possession of a megaphone in the photograph.

What more does it say about King’s College London as a University? A place where free speech should be encouraged — that it should not? Having introduced Safe Space Marshals in October to protect people from being offended and yet failing to provide safety for the event, presents questions. Furthermore, what does it say about King’s College given that they knew about this protest as well as the potential for Antifa’s involvement and let it happen?

King’s College London, as a university is languishing, in looking after its students and the right to free speech. It has gone from implementing a policy that censors speakers to allowing Antifa and its supporters to storm the building and run for positions on its student union.

This inadequacy on behalf of King’s College London and its student union now means that we are in a situation where an alleged supporter of and protester for Antifa, Robert Liow, is in the running to be the Vice President of a King’s College London student union. If he is elected, it will show decidedly that King’s College London and its student union are standing by and ignoring their problems rather than facing them and acting with a duty of care to the students.

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