Last week Shout Out UK played a key part in the aftermath of the King’s College London student protests, identifying election candidates involved in this year’s student union elections. This week we were tipped off about a famous celebrity whose obituary will appear in the Times this morning.

Many things have fluctuated in Britain as the generations have passed and not many things have remained a certainty. Governments have changed, society and our culture has moulded and regenerated over the decades. One thing that hasn’t changed however, is the certainty held by each generation that they will be able to purchase a house of their own one day and put down their roots.

That was until recently. As of Monday the 5th of March 2018, the dream many young people have had of owning their own home has passed away. An anonymous source contacted us to tell us that the Times will be publishing an obituary today on Saturday the 17th of March stating that, the housing dream:

‘was an essential part of The Story of Life’.

Yet whilst the moment of passing came during Theresa May’s speech on that fateful Monday earlier this month, this passing has been coming for some time and the causes lie deep in recent British economic policy as a result of an international catastrophe.

With the onset of the 2008 Financial Crisis, the entire world went into a state of recovery and looked to tighten its belt by implementing drastic measures on its population. These economic measures, amongst which included high inflation and the tripling of student fees, now mean the young people of the Britain are in the position where the dream available to their parents, grandparents and past generations has disappeared into the ether.

This obituary, though not unexpectedly confirming the death of a dream, at least honestly confirms it. The problem? The Government continues to believe in a reality whereby they think this country is on temporary life support, and set for a full recovery.

The truth though is much darker, for now we mourn.

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