Starting school can be a daunting time for both the parents and child. That’s why planning ahead and making informed decisions are the best strategy.  

Preparing Your Child For The Next Milestone

A child’s introduction to school is one of the biggest steps in life they can take, and as a parent, it is also something that marks a milestone in your life. Before you pack their school bags and send them on their way, you first need to know that you are sending them somewhere that ensures they are going to get the best education, where they can flourish in themselves, and become confident and compassionate. There are many aspects you should consider, such as the area the school is located and what extracurricular clubs they offer. Ultimately, they should feel comfortable there, and you should feel as though they can flourish and find themselves during their time attending the school.

Make sure they’re prepared

An issue that may cause future problems is sending a child to nursery before they may be ready or duly prepared. By making sure your child is aware of what is to come, and easing them into the situation through maybe a day visit, you can be sure that your child understands what they will experience and be duly ready for what is involved. If you are just at the start of the school journey, nursery and playgroup can help prepare them for school and the many factors involved, such as spending time with other children. If a child spends time playing and sharing with other children before school, they will have a better understanding of the dynamics of a reception class, and how sharing the teacher’s time and attention is a fundamental element of the school process.

Consider your options

It isn’t just primary education where you want your child to do well, but further high school. The application process can be a stressful one, depending on how high the birth rate was for your child when they were born. With state schools especially, those high schools which offer the best education are usually very popular with children from across a large catchment area. High school is where your child garners their GCSEs, which will set them up for college or university, so deciding which high school will suit your child is something that will need some consideration. It may suit you to consider sending your child to a private school such as Colchester High School, where some of the concerns regarding space for your child are taken into consideration and are less of a worry. Here, you can even apply for scholarships if your child is gifted, providing an alternative to paying fees.

Choose a school with great pastoral care

If the best school is a longer drive away, or means your child will take longer getting home from school, these factors will be worth it if it means they are receiving the best level of care and education. It is worth noting here that great pastoral care is also something to consider, as growing up can be a challenging time for your child, and they may need someone to turn to in school if they are struggling with their work or home life.

Looking at all your options to ensure you have made the right choice for your child will ensure they are happy for years to come.