No one likes to feel unprepared, especially when you are about to hop on a plane to a foreign destination. Holidays are one of the most exciting times of your life, but they can also be the most stressful if not planned properly. You’ll be surprised at how many people actually leave their passport at home or even to forget to get currency before arriving at the airport. Although these things might be resolved in the nick of time, they can also leave you out of pocket and short on time for boarding the plane. If you don’t want to be in one of those stressful situations, take a look at these must-do essentials before you travel to ensure a relaxing holiday from start to finish.

Check your passport is in date

There’s nothing worse than getting to the check-in desk to find out your passport is out of date. No one wants to be in that situation so checking it when you decide to book the holiday is important. Some countries also require your passport to be valid for a certain time before its expiry date, so checking this too before you travel is vital, as you don’t want to be turned away for a small oversight.

Check your documents

As most things are done online, from boarding passes to hotel bookings, it’s easy just to assume everything will be valid from your mobile phone. Sometimes this is not the case and having everything stored in a safe place will prevent any miscommunication or errors when you arrive at your destination. It’s also useful to make a note of contact numbers, passport number and insurance documents in case of an emergency — make a copy too and leave with a relative in case these are lost or stolen.

Check vaccinations and prescriptions

Depending on the destination you are travelling to, you may need vaccinations before arrival. Some locations also need this to be completed months in advance so checking the guidelines before travelling is essential. For those that take regular medication, making sure you have enough reserves while you are on holiday is also important. You don’t want to be caught short without vital medication, so if you’re short on time, book an appointment at the London Travel Clinic for last-minute vaccinations and prescriptions.

Check luggage allowance

Luggage allowance can change from airline to airline so even if you are a frequent flyer, checking the allowance is important before you travel. Even if you’re just taking hand luggage, there are still a number of restrictions about what can be taken on board; so be sure to check this out before flying. Checking the allowance also helps to prevent nasty surprises at check-in and reduces the need to pay extra for going over the limit. The same can be said for when you return. Remember, souvenirs and gifts take up more room and can make your luggage heavier than when you left.

Checking these vital things before you leave helps to keep you stress-free for your journey ahead.