So you’ve managed to hire a brilliant team of staff, you have some exciting projects in the pipeline, and everything seems to be running smoothly. Apart from one thing — morale in the office is dwindling, or completely non-existent. If your once motivated staff are looking more defeated than inspired, you might need to think about some ways to improve morale among your team. Take a look at these five ideas on how to create a more positive workplace.

Celebrate Accomplishments

It’s always important to celebrate any accomplishments, however big or small. Remember to say thank you to your employees for a job well done, whether with a simple email or a celebratory team lunch. If your staff feel respected and that their hard work is being acknowledged, they’re more likely to have a positive outlook and increased confidence in their job.

Organise social activities

Getting your team out of the office now and then for social activities is a big factor when it comes to improving morale. Plan team-building exercises that you know your staff will look forward to, and try to mix it up each time. This could mean taking your team for after work drinks one evening, and planning something more active like a fun bike ride with Mountain Bikes the next time. The more varied your get-togethers, the higher the likelihood that all members of staff will get involved in an activity they enjoy.

Give and receive feedback

The workplace should be a place of constant growth and development, regardless of your status or role. Make sure to always give staff feedback on what went well with their work, and what could be improved — and make sure to ask for the same. Encourage employees to give feedback on management, their current projects or workload, or even ways they think the company can progress or improve so they know their input is valued.

Give employees time to pursue personal projects

Set aside a set amount of time each month for employees to focus on their own personal projects and development. While you might be cautious of having staff spend time on projects unrelated to work during office hours, doing so is a great way to boost morale and improve employee wellbeing. This could mean studying for an online qualification, learning a new language, or anything else your staff are passionate about.

Offer a change of scenery

Sitting at the same desk all day long can have negative effects on productivity, so consider implementing different areas for your team to work in. An area such as a ‘quiet space’ where employees can do work without interruptions, gives them the peace of mind to tackle large workloads stress-free. And since we all know how important getting enough sleep is, why not treat your staff to some ‘nap pods’ in the office? This way they can catch up on sleep during their lunch hour, and head back to their desk refreshed and ready to tackle the rest of the day!