The hotel industry is one of the best in the world, it is one of the most prestigious and one of the most luxurious. But with so much competition out there, how do some of the best hotels in the world actually succeed. There are three types of hotels. Budget, average quality, and high quality hotels. All of which have their own way of finding success in an industry that you would think they should struggle in. But at the end of the day everyone needs a hotel, no matter what their budget. So, in such a competitive environment, here is how some of the best hotels in the world survive.

Attention To Detail

Attention to detail is key with the hotel industry. Customers are looking to pick out the smallest of faults. At the end of the day, they’re spending their money, and they want to know that it is being spent well. Even for a budget hotel there are certain standards that are expected. For example, a hospitality carpet is needed and in good quality, preferably without stains and rips round every corner. There need to be basic tea and coffee-making facilities in the room, and a room that is well maintained. This is where a good eye for detail is going to come in handy. So many people lack this, but it isn’t hard to achieve. All you have to do is spend an extra 20 minutes on a room rather than just rushing round it with a hoover and a quick polish. The whole hotel needs to have been thought out with attention to detail as well. The bar area made comfy, the restaurant easy to access and always clean etc.

Pushing The Boat Out

Pushing the boat out is what turns an average hotel into a high class one. It is about going that extra mile for the customer and their needs. So, one thing a lot of high-end hotels do is give the option of breakfast in bed, and actually, a lot of smaller hotels are now doing this too. When people book hotels, they usually book them as somewhere to go after a night out. What do people need after a night out? As little movement as possible, food, and plenty of coffee. You could also think of things such as complimentary drinks upon arrival, meet and greet for the cars, as well as room upgrades for people celebrating a wedding anniversary. Anything that is going to get you a good review should be included.

Customer Care

Customer care should be of the highest standard, no matter what level your hotel may be. But do all hotels do this? No, they most definitely don’t. This is what causes bad reviews to happen, and bad reviews lead to a bad reputation. Make sure you’re always following up on customer complaints should there ever be any. You also need to make sure you’re tending to their every needs during their stay. If they’re not happy about something to do with their room, upgrade them. If they complain the breakfast was horrible, refund them. Putting yourself out of pocket in the short term to make them happy in the long term is always going to work out well for you.


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