Shoes that are high heeled were worn by men during the late sixteenth century to early eighteenth century. Back then in Europe, the high heels were a unisex fashion craze but they eventually dropped out.

Introduction of high heeled men shoes

Men started putting on high heeled shoes because of the Persian military. This is because they make galloping simple compared to flat wears. Heeled shoes are something men could use to grip onto a stirrup in order to remain stable when riding during bad weather.  This could make it simple to carry out activities such as firing the bow while rushing closer to the combatant.

The Persian militia headed by Shah Abbas had the most frightening cavalry. In 1599 when Shah dispatched the first Persian political assignment to Spain, Germany and Russia, it started a fashion craze for high heeled boots.

Putting on heeled shoes

Persian shoes got happily embraced by the aristocrats who endeavoured to provide their look a manly, muscular edge (this could only be offered by high heeled shoes).

The putting on of heels expanded into the lower-level society positions; the aristocracy retaliated by significantly increasing their shoe elevation. This is how heeled shoes came about.

Ladies’ shoes started having heels around the 1630s (a section of a bigger men’s wear craze impacted styles like epaulettes). These new designs had bigger packed heels for engineering purposes. This was hundreds of years ahead of the revelation by Roger Vivier. The revelation was that including a thin steel shank on heels could make the body’s weight become better supported on the heels.

Even though the heels’ shapes were unique, the height was comparable to that of current ladies’ wear.

Louis XIV was another man who began a craze of putting on heeled shoes which were red in colour. When this reached the ordinary people, he altered the sumptuary laws of France to limit red high heel shoes to distinguished court associates.

The portrait of the inauguration of Charles II in England shows him putting on red high heels.

How the high heels primacy came to an end

Heels are ridiculed by men these days because:

  • They are inappropriate
  • They restrict how a person moves
  • They are not comfortable (this is why privileged males of the seventeenth century considered the high heels ideal).

Among the few methods of conveying prominence was via impracticality. Fashion is like a non-spoken communication. When one wore high heels, it quietly established that he or she is not obligated to engage in manual labour and could only stroll short distances.

The sophistication and increasing demand on the aristocracy to put on simple dresses stopped the primacy of high heeled shoes, first among men and later among women.


In the 1960s low heeled cowboy boots for men re-emerged. However, the era of men putting on high heels was already over.


Why did men stop wearing high heels?By Eva Henderson

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