In today’s social-media driven world, things seem to move faster and faster. We’re never really away from work or whatever else the ‘business’ of our daily lives entails — and the breaking news and resulting squabble really is 24/7.

Sooner or later, this takes its toll on anyone. It’s particularly hard on young people who might not recognise the lack of importance of much of this constant barrage of information in the longer-term. But as the early 20th  century UK Prime Minister, Lord Balfour once said:

‘Nothing matters very much, and few things matter at all’.

There’s a lot of truth in this. Imagine yourself being diagnosed with a terminal illness, or how you might feel after the death of someone very close to you — then think about how much all our petty day-to-day concerns matter. Although this approach may sound very negative, it’s actually quite the opposite as such an exercise gives all the news and the frantic activity of society as a whole a much healthier perspective.

But what steps can we take to tap into this kind of inner-self, calmer perspective, in our daily lives? We all need to make time for some inner quiet after all.

One good way is to speak to someone with true insight. At TheCircle, clairvoyants, mediums, and others help is offered to you calmly so you can discover our own inner self. Any such activity that leads us on a journey of self-discovery, whether helped by the insight of others or not, is a good thing as long as it’s carried out in a calm environment.

Making Time For Inner Quiet Is Important

carma’ (CC BY 2.0) by NikoDimo

Counselling and psychotherapy work in this way, particularly in helping to interpret the meaning of our own dreams. Whilst for other people, learning how to meditate can have the same effect.

Similarly, enjoying a calm therapy treatment such as aromatherapy massage or reflexology can help your subconscious self ‘float to the surface’ a little more, whilst a lot of people find the same to be true of yoga or group relaxation classes.

It’s all about finding out what works best for you and setting time aside to do the activity. It may be one or a combination of all these things, or it may be as simple as spending time listening to calming music in a comfortable space with no distractions. For many people, simply being alone and calm for an hour before going to bed, whilst reflecting on the day and life in general, works just as well.

But remember; making time for quiet in our lives does take quite a bit of self-discipline. This is because it’s non-essential in the moment — and is always like that, so it’s too easy to drop it ‘just this once’. Making time to relax is something so many of us are going to do soon, but never really get around to. Yet those people who do set aside time in a more structured way always seem calmer and seem to have a deeper understanding of what’s important and, perhaps more to the point, what is simply noise.