When the UK was struck with a mini-heatwave in the middle of April, Britons were stupefied. Given that they had only just experienced flurries of snow a few weeks before, it seemed highly unusual that the UK was suddenly blazing hot. Worried that they’d miss out on the good weather and that Blighty would be experiencing rain showers for the remainder of spring and summer, many made an effort to make the most of the sun.

Luckily, though, Brits have plenty more good weather to look forward to. Recent news reports confirmed that Britain can expect 100 days of sunshine over the next few weeks, so here are some stellar ways to enjoy it.

Get Your Grub On

3 Ways Brits Can Make The Most Of The Summer Weather

Sausages are cooking on a barbecue 

Few things lead to big food cravings than summer weather. There’s just something about the sun’s rays that has us all raiding the cupboard and the cooler in search of something to eat. The hot weather gives us an excuse to dig out the barbecue, in particular, getting those sausages sizzling away before putting on a generous helping of ketchup, mustard and onions for a real tasty feast.

Those who want to take the easy route towards getting their grub on can order in some delicious food, leaving it to the professionals to put together a scrumptious handmade burger or two that make use of jalapenos, signature sauces and slow-cooked meat, which you’re unlikely to have sitting around in your cupboard or fridge at home. After that meat feast, you can also whet your whistle with a mojito (one of the most popular cocktails for summer) or a chocolate or vanilla ice-cream cone for good measure.

Enjoy the Sights

Britain doesn’t experience hot weather very often but when it’s hot out, it’s the perfect excuse to enjoy some of the outdoor sights and attractions that would be very little fun in a rainstorm. You don’t want to walk around the park holding your umbrella, do you?

According to the Telegraph, some of Britain’s most popular outdoor attractions include Dartmoor, the gorgeous countryside location that is home to the beautiful River Dart and over 1,000 ancient monuments, as well as the Peak District which offers moorlands, woodlands, villages, and many more pretty places that would look fantastic on your Instagram feed.

Visit an Event

3 Ways Brits Can Make The Most Of The Summer Weather

An audience enjoys a live performance 

If you don’t fancy organizing a holiday — but do still want to get out and about — then the UK’s schedule of summer events might be more up your street. There are plenty of major events taking place this summer, with more than a few excuses to catch a tan and lick an ice-cream under the summer sun.

Some of these events include the Tour De France which passes through Leeds, London and more this July; the British Summer Time performances in Hyde Park also in July, which will feature Bruno Mars and more world-renowned artists; and the Isle of Wight Festival which brings acts like Kasabian, Depeche Mode and more to the Isle of Wight this June.

Britain may not get a lot of scorching summer sun, but when it does, it’s clear that there are more than a few ways to make the most of it. Go forth and enjoy yourselves (but don’t forget the suntan lotion!).