The Sunshine State has so much to offer it’s no wonder why so many people vacation to it.  Beaches and year-round pleasant weather attract tourists far and wide, as well as both semi-permanent and yearlong residents.  If you are traveling through this southern state, be sure to check out these attractions and hot spots to make the most out of your trip in Florida.

1. Beautiful Beaches

It may be cliché to mention Florida’s beaches as one of the top five things to discover about this special state, but the beaches are one of the most popular reasons for a visit.  Between sand, seashells and sunshine, a trip to the beach is for kids and adults alike. Make your trip worthwhile and visit any number of Florida’s beaches.  From Pompano Beach to Miami Beach, each is unique and culturally individual. There’s also the matter of a colourful Florida sunset.  A walk on the beach is not complete until you have witnessed the colourful array of pastels from a setting Florida sun.

2. Seafood

Seafood lovers can make the most of their trip to Florida by enjoying freshly caught local dishes, like Florida Lobster. Restaurants always have a seafood dish on their menu, and there are hundreds of restaurants that have their own excellent way of preparing them. Residents and tourists both know that a trip to Florida is not complete until you’ve eaten the delicacies it offers, mainly alluding to the well-prepared seafood dishes that are popular statewide. Florida is known for deliciously prepared Grouper, Yellowfin Tuna, and Mahi-Mahi. The best part is that fish are caught and enjoyed year-round, so whatever time of the year you visit Florida, there will be fish available to try.

3. The Everglades

It’s not a complete trip until you have seen the Everglades. Known as the river of grass, the Everglades span from Central Florida all the way down to the Keys. Florida has many state and metro parks, including the Everglades National Park, that consist of the Everglades, making them available for tourists and residents alike. This natural phenomenon is what makes Florida entirely unique. A breathtaking and beautiful natural site, the Everglades are not something you should miss.

4. Walt Disney World

Both adults and kids can have the time of their lives at Disney World. This park has so much to offer that many people who visit Florida spend their entire stay at Disney World, which isn’t a bad thing. Rides, restaurants, shows, and numerous other attractions, Disney World truly has something for everyone, because after all, it is the happiest place on earth.

5. Ocean Life

If you are travelling through Florida, there’s one thing you shouldn’t miss and that is the aquariums and places like SeaWorld, especially for those into marine life. There are plenty of aquariums throughout Florida that showcase the native animals and plants that inhabit this southernmost state. While travelling through this vibrant state, ocean life such as manatees, dolphins, and native fish and other sea creatures that live here are a must-see.  SeaWorld, located in Orlando, has plenty to do and see; like attractions, shows, and rides. It is a perfect stop for families who want to make the most out of their trip.

If you are planning a trip to Florida, don’t miss these natural and beautiful attractions. Florida has many things to offer that you can’t see anywhere else — a reason why so many people make multiple trips down to see the Sunshine State. After a walk on Florida’s sandy shores, a taste of the seafood, and a trip to its famous parks, you may find yourself coming back time and time again.