Live updates on the UK Local Election 2018 from the Shout Out UK office.
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Results (7:40) LAB: 50, CON: 30, LDEM: 4, No Overall Control: 14.



  • 09.00 – ELECTION DAY, Polling stations are open!
  • 00:16 – Labour take Tyneside
  • 00:19 – Conservative take Broxbourne!
  • 00:23 – Labour hold Sunderland!
  • 00:30 – Conservatives hold Castle Point!
  • 00:32 – Labour hold Halton!
  • 00:58 – Labour hold Wigan, Tameside and Harlow!
  • 01:02 – Conservative take hold of Basildon
  • 01:05 – Labour take hold of St Helens and Cannock Chase
  • 0:10 – Labour hold Bury
  • 0:14 – Labour retain overall control of Rochdale
  • 01:17 – Conservatives take Southend-on-Sea
  • 01:23 – Conservatives take Swindon and Tandridge
  • 01:23 – Labour take Bolton
  • 01:24 – Labour retain control of Salford
  • 0:29 Conservatives hold Amber Valley
  • 01:30 Labour hold Wirral
  • 01:35 Labour hold Newcastle-Upon-Tyne
  • 01:40 Conservatives gain control of Peterborough
  • 0:40 – Conservatives hold Epping Forest
  • 01:45 – Labour hold Stevenage
  • 01:51- Labour hold Sandwell
  • 01:52 – Conservatives hold Rugby
  • 01:52 – Labour hold Tameside
  • 01:56 – Labour hold Oldham AND Chorley
  • 2:01 – Labour hold Exeter
  • 02:02 – Labour hold Lincoln
  • 02:04 – Labour hold Ipswich
  • 02:04 – Labour hold Liverpool!
  • 02:08 – Conservatives hold Wokingham
  • 02:10 – Labour hold Wolverhampton
  • 02:24 – Labour hold Sefton
  • 02:24 – Conservatives hold Fareham
  • 02:24 – Conservatives hold Gosport
  • 02:27 – Labour win Reading!
  • 02:29 – Labour win Cambridge
  • 02:29 – Labour win Preston
  • 02:32 – Conservatives hold Havant
  • 02:33 – Labour hold Coventry
  • 02:46 – Labour hold Oxford
  • 02:46 – Conservatives HAVE LOST Trafford to NO overall control!
  • 02:50 – Labour HOLD Southampton
  • 02:55 – Liberal Democrats hold Cheltenham
  • 02:55 – Liberal Democrats hold Eastleigh
  • 03:01 – Labour hold West Lancashire
  • 03:02 – Conservatives hold St Albans
  • 03.02 – Labour win Plymouth
  • 03.35 – There is a third recount in a ward in North East Lincolnshire
  • 03.51 – Labour has lost Derby to no overall control.
  • 04.01 – Lib Dems hold control of Sutton
  • 04.01 – Lib Dems take control of Richmond.
  • 04.17 – Conservatives HOLD Hillingdon
  • 04.32 – Lab HOLD Hull
  • 04.40 – CON HOLD Wandsworth
  • 04.52 – Lab HOLD Ealing with a majority of 45.
  • 06.49 – Lab HOLD large majority in Essex, winning 10 out of 13 seats
  • 06.49 – Con HOLD Kensington and Chelsea


10.34 – Woking Councillor Tahir Aziz, says several residents were concerned about their ability to vote with the ID trial. He referenced ‘one (Commonwealth) African gentleman, who arrived in ’66, he was refused an electoral ID’ Referring to a ‘Local Elector Cards’ they were supposed to give those without ID the ability to vote.

11.01 Campaigners expect a ‘slightly above average’ turnout in Woking despite the trial, of 25-40%.

11.29 At Lightbox polling station in central Woking, there have been twenty ballots cast in the past three hours. What a vibrant democracy.

18.07 A spokesperson for Downing Street released a statement two hours ago in response to the outrage about voters having been turned away for not having ID in flagship London boroughs such as Bromley and Watford.

The spokesperson said: “A great deal of work has been done… in places like Bromley, people will have had six pieces of direct mail about the pilot and there’s been a widespread poster campaign.” So is the backlash justified?

18:31 Amused voters take to Twitter. as not-so-rosy image of the Tories tarnished when email asking “have you bin to vote” is leaked.

Phil Dua Lipa tweeted – “Exhibit A: have you ‘bin’ to vote? Trash pun, trash grammar, trash content, trash candidate, 100% trash.”

20:50 Just over an hour until polling closes.

Excessive queuing has been reported in districts which have trialled voter ID. In some cases, people with a time constraint have had to leave the queue and have missed out on the opportunity to vote. MP Ellie Reeves has said: “I do think it’s put a hugely unnecessary barrier up to people wanting to vote.”

00:25 One Nation Party?

Labour have kept saying they are a ‘One Nation Party but many disputes have gone on such as some Labour MPs view on the Jewish community. Will this cause damage locally?

00:27 Is UKIP in trouble?

BBC states that the UKIP vote is collapsing!

00:34 Barnet Issues!

As said before, the Jewish issue does not seem to go away for Labour! A large Jewish community live in Barnet so Labour may really be in trouble!

00:41 Council Tax and BINS!

Many people may not vote Labour due to higher council tax and issues with bin collection!

00:43 Issues discussed on Sky News

Issues such as supermarkets being taken over my Amazon shopping is a worry for local businesses.

01:09 Brexit

Conservatives doing well in leave voting areas!


Sadiq Khan states that Kensington and Chelsea are one of the RICHEST places in the world! Labour take it which might be due to everything that has gone on!


Labour seem to be doing well in areas they did not think they could get!

02:17 – Hung!

Both Worcester AND Colchester remain hung councils! What could this mean?

02:22 Oh No UKIP!

UKIP will not sleep well tonight as they loose more than 60 councillors! After leadership issues, could they get Nigel Farage back to help them? Maybe they should……

02:37 Oops!

Hmmm, it seems that Dudley is now a hung council too! Tories thought they had won!


So, the Tories have lost control of Trafford!


Sarah Olney has just called control of Richmond Council. After 12 seats declared, LD +5 and Conservatives -6 so far.

State of Play at 03.11: A split that showed first signs of emerging in the general election campaign is now beginning to define this local election. On Key Wards information, the swing from Tory to Labour is 1.5% in London and in the rest of the UK swing is 1% Labour to Tory.

Despite this, the Conservatives will be very worried about losing control of Trafford. MP Graham Brady had his majority cut severely here at the last general election, and it is evidence of the Conservatives losing remain affluent areas to Labour. The question is whether they can make gains in Brexit areas to make up for this.

03.20: Target Seats to watch over the next few hours:

Barnet – which Labour hope to take from the Tories, In 2014 Con: 32, Lab 30

Kensington and Chelsea – there was Labour hope that Grenfell  Fire Tragedy may boost turnout against the Tories and have a chance to take this council. Remember Lab won Kensington in the general election campaign.

03.30: Walsall Analysis – one of Labours councilors have described it as a disappointing night in Walsall. Walsall has only been Labour for 11 of the past 45 years with the party before tonight being only 3 seats short of an overall majority.  From tonight’s results, the Conservatives have gained 5 seats, whilst Labour has lost 2, meaning it stays in no overall control but the Conservatives become the largest party. It is worth noting that Walsall voted 67.9% to leave in the EU Ref. Crucially, the direction of travel has been negative for Labour, whilst for the Conservatives, it has been positive, in a Labour target seat.

03.35: Plymouth was the first Council gain for Labour. Lab +4 , Con -1 , UKIP -3. This change of seats suggests that as seen in the election, UKIP voters are swinging back to Labour and not to the Conservatives, which damages the premise that the Government’s Brexit strategy is not winning Brexit UKIP voters.

03.53: Labour loses control of Derby. Change of Council Seats: Labour -3, Con +3. Change of Vote Share: Lab: 34% (-5%), Con: 39% (+15%), and UKIP -11%. This result feeds into the developing narrative that Labour is struggling in Middle England, and particularly in Brexit areas – every council area in Derbyshire voted Brexit.

04.05: Lib Dem Update: Lid Dems have held Sutton, despite losing 12 seats. In Richmond, the picture is a lot brighter for the party, where the Lib Dems have taken the council from the Conservatives. This comes after Sarah Olney narrowly lost her seat to the tory Zac Goldsmith. It is worth noting that Richmond is a heavily remain area, and would be the ‘perfect’ ground for the Lib Dems. The Lib Dems are not back to their pre-coalition levels of support, and when re-building a party local elections are the perfect place to lay the foundations for a fight back.

04.09: For Labour, over the next few hours, they are hoping for headline Labour gains to overshadow losses in the rest of the UK. Barnet is reportedly, as expected, close; whilst, Labour sources are suggesting  Wandsworth and Kensington and Chelsea, are now unexpected to be won.

04.20: Hillingdon is a big hold for the Tories, as Labour actually go backwards.CON: 44 LAB: 21 This was a rare leave voting London area. On a very good night, this would have been a Labour target; despite this, the backward trend for Labour will be worrying.

04.32: Lab hold Hull, despite large Lib Dem increases, + 9 Seats. An interesting increase in Lib Dem votes in a leave area. An initial sign of a Lib Dem fightback in the north of England.

04:32: Corbyn visited Grimsby only last week on the campaign trail and North East Lincolnshire Council was a Labour target. Despite this, the council remains in no overall control. Con +7 seats, Lab +1.

04.35: John Ashworth has claimed that the UKIP vote is now going to different parties in different places. It is too early to tell where exactly most UKIP votes are going, but it does seem complex. In NE Lincolnshire, UKIP votes went to the Conservatives; whereas, in Plymouth, they went to Labour.

04.40: Sadiq Khan’s early exit from the Wandsworth count may become an anecdote of the night for Labour in London- results have not matched up to expectations. Although there were considerable gains for Labour, +6, this will be a disappointment for Labour who was hoping to turn Labour red. In this area is Battersea which turned from Con to Lab in the last general election; however, tonight that trend has not continued. This is a target missed for Labour.

04.55: So far there has been no change in Barnet, with Conservatives and Labour holding Council seats in the small number of wards declared. Frustratingly, the Barnet result has been slow to declare. This is a key seat to determine the success of Labour in London.

05.17: Hitting quite a dry patch in results being declared, should pick up pace over the next few hours. Still waiting for a result from Barnet, where all wards so far have remained the same as in 2014. However, only strongholds for each party have been declared so far.

05.23: Reports suggest Labour have lost the marginal ward of Hale in Barnet to the Conservatives. It is worth noting that the ward has slightly more Jewish residents than elsewhere in Barnet – 19% in Hale, 15% in Barnet (average). This may be a sign of the fall-out from the anti-semitism row in the Labour party. Meanwhile, it has been confirmed, that there has been a huge increase in the significantly Jewish ward of Gaden Suburb.



This election result has entrenched the divide between Labour’s fortunes in London, compared to the rest of the UK; and has furthermore, only reinforced the fact Britain is being ruled by a hung parliament.  A Hung Parliament where the ruling Tories are doing enough to be able to keep governing, but are not particularly inspiring the country, and where Labour are not yet being able to persuade the country to move them a step closer to power.  



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