It’s the season for exploration, motivation and adventure, which means it’s also the season to get in the car and road trip! The open road, the endless sky and the promise of new things ahead get us all worked up and ready to spread our wings and go exploring. A road trip is not an easy trip to plan, though, and before you have your itinerary ready to hit the road, you need to ensure that you are prepared in all ways — including your car.

A road trip is demanding on a vehicle. It doesn’t matter whether you are going a short way or a long way, your car is going to bear the brunt of the action. Don’t worry though; planning your road trip has never been easier and with the tips below, you can be as prepared as possible to get from A to B while having as much fun as possible.


Before you go on any trip, you should book your car into the garage for a check-up. You should be aiming for a full do-over on the body of the vehicle, with tyres replaced if needs be. Wipers, fluid, brake pads: all these need the approval of a professional before you get out on the road.

Charge Up

Phones and cars both have one thing in common: batteries. These both need a good amount of charge to last your journey and you should make sure that you have an in-car phone charger with you at all times.


contact numbers, licence and registration and your insurance documents should be in the glove compartment of your car at all times. You need to be able to have all your documentation to hand from the moment that you set off, just in case you need it at any point.


You need more than music and snacks when it comes to road trip supplies! Get your bag packed in the trunk and next to it should be a basket of emergency goodies. Cones, torches with spare batteries, matches and blankets, first aid kits and basic tools should all feature. You could be really prepared and pack a booklet of instructions for basic car repairs. Pack extra water and canned food, too, just in case you break down on the road and have to wait a few hours for assistance.


Preparing to hit traffic is just smart when it comes to road-tripping. You need to remember you’re going to spend a long time out there on the road and you’re going to have to wait around sometimes for the world to move forward. Losing it over a few miles of waiting is going to ruin your trip, so pack some extra games to keep yourself busy in the car while you wait.

A road trip is supposed to spark a little adventurous spirit within you. Not having fun is not an option, so chin up and get ready to have the time of your life!