Let’s be honest, we may all have some form of travel bucket list, don’t we? Whether you keep it written down somewhere, in a diary maybe, or keep a mental note, you may have a list of places you want to see at some point in your life. However, many of those countries and destinations can be quite similar and common, and while they will be worthwhile places to visit, I thought I would open your eyes up to some of the other places you could consider.

Feature Destinations For Your Bucket List


Sometimes we just want to spread our wings and go somewhere different, and what better way to do that then heading to the country of Canada. It is so vast and big that there are many iconic destinations within it to see. You could head to the province of Alberta, where you could stay in places like the Delta Hotels Kananaskis Lodge where you can enjoy the rugged country park, filled with hiking opportunities and wonder. You could also head to the province of Ontario for cities like Toronto which are full of great locations. There is too much to list here, but Canada should definitely be at the top of your bucket list.


Let’s consider somewhere that perhaps won’t be on your bucket list, but a place that will be familiar to you because of the nation’s cuisine: China. It is definitely a country that you don’t ordinarily associate with a holiday, but thanks to the Great Wall Of China being a hot spot for tourists, as well as cities like Beijing or Shanghai, there really could be something here to tickle your curiosity and earn a place on that bucket list.


Not many people associate Russia as being a place to go for a holiday, it is so vast that you won’t be able to see all of the hidden locations and beauty within it on a single trip. But commonly, you have the city of Moscow which is filled with beautiful architecture and culture. The weather isn’t always ideal there, but it could certainly be a trip to remember.

Feature Destinations For Your Bucket List


Not everyone associates South America as being a hot spot for bucket list destinations, but actually there are plenty of them and one of them happens to be the country of Peru. One of the main reasons for visiting this country is to witness the wonderful Machu Picchu. The iconic hidden village on the mountain tips. It will take a good long hike to get there, but it will be an experience you’ll remember for life.


Finally, while on the topic of South America, we also have another country that is definitely worth adding to your list and that is Brazil. Rio De Janeiro specifically is one vibrant city. The famous Christ The Redeemer statue on top of Mount Corcovado is definitely worth witnessing. Whilst there, be sure to experience the famous Carnival season. The streets are lined with samba dancers, flamboyant costumes and floats, and it is considered to be one of the biggest carnivals in the world.

I hope that this has you inspired for other places to add to your bucket list!