Shout Out UK has been commissioned by the Mayor of London to provide resources for schools

Political engagement among young people in the UK has recently increased, it’s this hugely positive change that Shout Out UK is seeking to build on. The organisation aims to engage young people politically, so their voices are heard in decision-making, both local and national, that affects their lives.

Shout Out UK, the independent youth news platform, has been commissioned by the Greater London Authority (GLA) to create engaging resources that will be offered to schools in the capital to cut voter apathy and boost political awareness. The new resources aim to support more than 400 schools through the London Curriculum, to more proactively engage with the news agenda and to participate in discussions about politics and their role as citizens, such as voting in elections. Taking an innovative approach that includes using virtual reality (VR), animations, and games, Shout Out UK resources will give teachers a flexible and engaging package that will promote classroom discussions.

This approach will build political awareness amongst children and teenagers aged 16 to 18 in an immersive environment, aiming to improve the voting rates amongst young Londoners. Recent research has demonstrated that voting rates among young people have experienced a slight increase over the last few years; however, they still remain far less likely to actively participate in elections than those aged over 34.

The resources will be integrated into the GLA London Curriculum, which delivers free, accessible resources to every school in London. With a combination of resources to choose from, such as animations and games, the latest addition to the London Curriculum will bring democratic engagement into the modern age.

Matteo Bergamini, Founder and CEO of Shout Out UK, said:

‘The issue is not political apathy itself, it’s why apathy happens. Apathy among young people happens because the system has become so complex that people no longer understand it and so get frustrated by it. We must give schools the tools necessary to deal with this issue. No matter how many times you scream at someone to vote, if that person does not understand the system or why you should care they will never be engaged in the long run, even though they may vote the one time you ask them to.

‘I commend the GLA for pushing the creation of political literacy resources, so that young people across London will have access to up-to-date, innovative, and creative material to help them understand politics’.

The resources, which are suitable for Key Stage Two and Three, will provide teachers with plenty of flexibility. Each topic can be taught as a one-off or combined to create six sessions for a complete overview. Short activities are also available to choose, making them perfect for quick sessions during form or tutor time. Each unit is comprised of numerous activities, allowing each teacher to pick out the options that best match their class, objectives, and other school work. The adaptable nature of the educational resources makes them a valuable addition for schools across London.

One of the most exciting features that the Shout Out UK resources will offer is VR. While it’s often seen as out of reach due to cost, VR technology prices are falling fast, and it acts as a uniquely immersive way to connect with pupils. The VR resources will create experiences, such as viewing the inside of the House of Commons or City Hall’s Chamber, that will be free to download and which are fully compatible with Google Cardboard.

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Shout Out UK is a multi-award winning independent youth news platform that provides young people with the tools necessary to engage in politics, and a platform to shout out and be heard. Spearheaded by the organisation’s Political Literacy Course, which is supplemented by a host of different infographics, videos, articles, workshops, and events, it aims to be a one-stop shop for political learning and enrichment.

About the London Curriculum

The London Curriculum uses the capital as inspiration to bring the national curriculum to life at Key Stages Two and Three. The programme offers free teaching resources and signposts to existing educational activities for students. The organisation’s ambition is to be in every school in London, supporting teachers to help their students connect with their communities and city.

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