Crucially, kids who are consciously concerned for the wellbeing of others and for the planet grow up into adults who are concerned for the health of others and the state of the earth. Children need to engage with their environment in order to understand how things work and to learn more about their role in society. As a parent, it’s your responsibility to try and hone passions and interests by suggesting topics of conversation and learning, and continuing to praise their efforts. Kids crave your approval and validation, so you need to tell them how proud you are of their hard work and how much you love them on a daily basis.


Don’t forget that as a parent or guardian, you are their principle educator and the one who will have the most influence over their beliefs and opinions until they’re old enough to think completely independently for themselves. With this in mind, it’s crucial that you set an exemplary standard of behaviour for your kids to follow. Finding the perfect school will take time, and you should create a list of all the possible options that perform brilliantly and that your kids would be happy to attend. Huddersfield Grammar School, West Yorkshire enjoys a history of superb GCSE results and a wide range of extracurricular activities, and also has a strong focus on pastoral care.

Foster A Love Of Reading

Reading opens a child’s mind and gets them thinking creatively. Reading also helps to strengthen language skills and build vocabulary. It’s very easy to take your children to the library or to the bookshop to choose a book, so ensure that you do so. Why not set some time aside every night to read to your young children, or set up a den for them to read by lamplight? This will, in turn, make the experience of settling down to read more enjoyable, and not to mention, enticing!

Encourage Friendships

Many kids learn by doing; this is referred to as experiential learning or kinaesthetic learning. For example, teach your kids to learn to draw by getting out pens, pencils, paints, and charcoal, and sketching alongside them. Entice your children to be creative and learn to play a musical instrument by getting them interactive lessons with a fun-loving and patient tutor. Try also to sign them up to attend sports clubs and societies of their choosing. Regularly invite the friends they make around to your house to try and further develop their interpersonal skills and ability to play fairly, and to be respectful of other people’s boundaries.

Stay Up To Date With The News

Your kids need to know what’s happening in the world, and not just what’s occurring near them. They need to know how actions will affect them, and the state of the political world as it stands. Of course, this isn’t to say that you should divulge details about political affairs and warfare, but you should be transparent with your children and explain when they have questions that might lead into difficult to answer territory.