Whether you’re looking to sell soon or are simply preparing for a potential move in the future, there a number of ways you can easily add value to your home — with very little effort on your part.

Here we’ve broken down 7 of the best ways to spruce up your property, enhance your kerb appeal and bump up the value, ready for when the estate agent visits.

Fix any damage

While you might be able to hide damp or a leak with a little cosmetic cover up, a valuer can spot these things from a mile away. So it’s a good idea to invest some money into getting a leaky roof or a pipe in the bathroom fixed to add value to your property. Plus, a house that needs less work is more likely to sell and it’s the right thing to do.

Create a clean slate

We’re not saying get the magnolia paint out but if there are any particularly controversial colour schemes, it may be a good idea to cover them with some fresh white paint. It lets potential buyers see themselves in your home and gives it a clean appearance, which can help when it comes to putting a value on it.

Tidy up the garden

You may not think this is a priority, but a neat and tidy garden makes a great impression — be sure to spruce up the front and back if you have them. Simply mow the lawn, tackle weeds and add a little colour with a few plant pots to make the space appear neat and low maintenance.

Upgrade the kitchen or bathroom

A revamped kitchen or bathroom space work in your favour, when it comes to the value of your home. People want these spaces ready to move into, so if you have time and money to invest you could reap the rewards later.

It could be a case of swapping out older white goods for new ones — such as a basic cooker for a fancy range model or an integrated dishwasher — that enhance the appeal of your home and what it comes with. If you’re looking for a cheaper, faster option — changing out old handles, painting cupboards a neutral colour or sprucing up tired-looking tiles with tile paint can enhance a room for very little money.

Consider an extension or conversion

If you don’t want to move for a little while, but are considering how to add value to your home — look into an extension. According to a report from the Office of National Statistics, a 25ft extension can add up to £59,000 value to your property. This could be added to the back of the home to create a larger living space or on the side to add a large kitchen space. If you can, extend upwards too — no one can say no to an extra bedroom. Converting a loft space or garage into a living space is another good option, adding more room to your home and increasing its worth. You can see for yourself how much value an extension would add to your property with this calculator.

Create an extra parking space

As more and more of us get out in cars, the value of having a parking space off road has gone up greatly. That means getting rid of your flower beds out the front and investing in some gravel or block paving — a great way of adding value to your home. A property with two parking spaces will always improve its appeal on the market.

Invest in central heating

It’s more economical and better for the environment — plus it always adds value to a home. The first thing many people look for when browsing a property is central heating, as well as PVC windows and how much storage space there is.

Ready to add value to your property? Try investing in some of these simple DIY projects and up the price of your home — ready for selling in the future.