Travelling has become a bit of a cliché; the type of activity undertaken by privileged millennials looking to find themselves. And the truth is, as in the case of any cliché — this isn’t a million miles away from the truth. Travelling offers you an opportunity to see some pretty exciting places and meet a range of spanking new people from all corners of the world. And so, out of your comfort zone you will find yourself exposed to a fair few different experiences. But, what if you decide to do this all on your own? Well, as a seasoned solo traveller (to be honest two trips) I am here to offer some genuine advice on what to expect when travelling alone.

1. You are not alone

I may be a freelance copywriter, meaning I am used to being alone. But, when travelling you are never really alone. Well technically you are… obviously. But, here’s the thing, plenty of people every year choose to travel alone which makes it achingly simple to meet new people. All you really have to do is smile and be open (you may well find some alcohol at the hostel bar works wonders as well), and soon enough you will find yourself part of a group. More than that, most travellers follow the same route, so you may well find yourself seeing your mates (or awkward drunken encounters) again.

2. Don’t overthink it

The beauty of travelling alone is that you really can do whatever you want. So beyond booking your first hostel, allow yourself the freedom to listen to the advice of people on the ground and follow your new friends. If you are too rigid and regimented in your approach then you may well find yourself missing out on some unexpectedly brilliant opportunities. So do take it easy.

3. Tough days

Have you ever been on holiday with a group of friends for longer than four days? Well I have… and let’s be honest, every day is not a ray of sunshine, rainbows and unicorns. The same is true when travelling alone. Some days can be really hard, or you may find a location where you just don’t connect with fellow guests. Don’t let it get you down … move on to your next place and I guarantee it will get better. Frankly, it could be that you are just overtired and dehydrated; there is nothing, and I repeat, nothing wrong with spending the day in bed watching Netflix over an extended period of travel. You simply cannot maintain such high levels of enthusiasm and energy for so long.

4.  Hostelworld

This App is absolutely fantastic and, will undoubtedly become your best friend. If you’re not travelling with your newly acquired mates, make sure to look at the hostel reviews; particularly what other travellers say about the friendliness of the hostel — you want a place where group activities and excursions are encouraged, despite the state of the loos.

5. Enjoy yourself

Honestly, travelling alone is one of the best things I ever did. It rips you from your comfort zone and plonks you in the middle of some country where no one really speaks the language, and along the way you will meet so many brilliant people. I honestly couldn’t recommend it enough. So get booking now!

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