One of the most important decisions that a prospective student will have to make is where they will stay for the duration of their studies. Students can choose between seeking a place in the university’s halls of residence, off-campus university housing, or private accommodation.

But what’s the deal with private student accommodation? Let’s take a look.


As you probably expect, private student accommodation will cost you more than staying in the university halls of residence. The exact amount that it costs you will depend on a variety of different factors, but it is unlikely that you will find any accommodation in the private sector available for the same price as staying in the halls of residence (if you do find such a deal, approach with caution but get ready to snap it up).

While private accommodation costs more, you will usually get more for what you pay. Let’s take a look at the key selling points of private student accommodation.


When you are staying in university halls, you are, as you would expect, bound by university rules. With private student accommodation, just as with private accommodation in general, you will be bound by some rules. Your landlord will obviously not want their property used for anything untoward, especially where they might end up being liable.

However, private accommodation definitely offers more freedom than university halls of residence will. With halls of residence, you will also have to work to the university’s schedule to some degree. You will have access at all hours, but there might be restrictions on guests. If you do have company, the close quarters of university halls limit what you can do.

Peace and Quiet

If you value peace and quiet above all else, you will definitely want to look at private sector accommodation. For many people, this aspect of private renting alone makes it worth it. Students halls are infamous for the loud noises at all hours. When you find yourself stuck with inconsiderate neighbours, it can seriously spoil your precious free time and make it hard to study regularly.

On the other hand, in private accommodation you will not only be packed in tight with a load of other students, you will have much stronger and more reliable recourse if you are faced with antisocial neighbours.

Socialising and Hosting

Despite all the noise that defines many student halls of residence, they aren’t suitable places to have a party. The confined nature of the rooms, and the university’s own rules, both combine to make having a party in your halls of residence a really bad idea.

If you want to be able to host guests and throw parties to your heart’s content — within reason of course — then you’ll want to find private accommodation.


Private student accommodation usually offers much better amenities; you won’t have to share showers etc., with a large number of people. Using just one city — Hatfield — as an example, those seeking student accommodation in Hatfield should look at Collegiate AC. Collegiate offer a number of optional extras for their accommodation, including a luxury set for those who want the best experience possible.

Private student accommodation has a lot to offer. It might cost a bit more, but you get a lot for your extra money.